We whine when the world rejects our beef and pork – now they don’t even want our horsemeat!

The post preceding this one is about 100 or so countries rejecting import of US beef and pork because of drugs contamination. Sort of fitting that I found this article, this morning, to follow on.

Horsemeat butcher shop in France

For decades, American horses, many of them retired or damaged racehorses, have been shipped to Canada and Mexico, where it is legal to slaughter horses, and then processed and sold for consumption in Europe and beyond.

Lately, however, European food safety officials have notified Mexican and Canadian slaughterhouses of a growing concern: The meat of American racehorses may be too toxic to eat safely because the horses have been injected repeatedly with drugs.

Despite the fact that racehorses make up only a fraction of the trade in horse meat, the European officials have indicated that they may nonetheless require lifetime medication records for slaughter-bound horses from Canada and Mexico, and perhaps require them to be held on feedlots or some other holding area for six months before they are slaughtered…

In October, Stephan Giguere, the general manager of a major slaughterhouse in Quebec, said he turned away truckloads of horses coming from the United States because his clients were worried about potential drug issues. Mr. Giguere said he told his buyers to stay away from horses coming from American racetracks.

We don’t want them,” he said. “It’s too risky.”

The action is just the latest indication of the troubled state of American racing and its problems with the doping of horses. Some prominent trainers have been disciplined for using legal and illegal drugs, and horses loaded with painkillers have been breaking down in arresting numbers…

But for pure emotional effect, the alarm raised in the international horse-meat marketplace packs a distinctive punch.

RTFA for extensive details. I realize there is a cultural question about eating horsemeat in American minds to begin with. Still, the critical question – once again – comes down to our government doing little or nothing to guarantee either a safe lifespan for “cattle” or regulating and testing what becomes food for domestic and foreign consumers.

2 thoughts on “We whine when the world rejects our beef and pork – now they don’t even want our horsemeat!

  1. trixfred30 says:

    Its a funny thing over here in England that we think it perverse that the French eat horsemeat, and yet in France they think it weird that we eat parsnips. In France parsnips are only used as animal feed…including for horses.

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