The Republican War on Women is over. Women lost

Candice Miller

Remember the “war on women”? Republicans expected to win that, along with the election.

But losing doesn’t mean having to say they’re sorry for letting an employer opt out of insurance coverage for birth control, or letting any doctor in Virginia opt in for vaginal probes. Nor does it mean inviting women into the room when the door closes on Capitol Hill.

Instead, Republican bosses continued the war by other means, initially failing to choose one woman to run a House committee in the new 113th Congress, as this helpful photo illustrates. The 19 male leaders presented such a rogue’s gallery of 1950s-era white male power, the image could have been a promo shot for “Mad Men.”

Maybe Republicans didn’t see anything wrong with that, but it was news enough for Brian Williams to throw it on screen last week on “NBC Nightly News,” where it spoke for itself. “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart presented it as proof there would be little effort to reach out to women beyond “a free pedicure during every mandatory ultrasound.”

Who says Speaker John Boehner is too old and orange to change? Very quickly he found a job for a woman, last week appointing Representative Candice Miller of Michigan to run the House Administration Committee. Yes, it sounds exactly like what it is: The committee’s purpose, as Boehner said, is “ensuring the House runs efficiently and smoothly.” We don’t know if Miller will be seeing to the coffee.

It isn’t much of a committee assignment. But you can bet they won’t sit for a group photo without her.

Margaret Carlson is a gas. She manages most of the time to stay on a sufficiently even keel to laugh at the foibles of evil-doers as corrupt and backwards as the Republican Party. I’m sorry; but, I never have pretended to be a nice guy. I can laugh at them, OK. But, I’d rather spend all my waking hours encouraging other Americans to vote these thugs so far out of office they’d need a GPS to find the Beltway.

17 thoughts on “The Republican War on Women is over. Women lost

  1. campfireshadows says:

    Well, I wasn’t going to comment on this post but now I’m too peeved not to. There is no war on women, the war is on Socialism and the anti God progressive movement. It seems the “I want everything’ women sided with the Progressive movement. Thus, by their own volition and choosing, they will be part of any collateral damage from this political war. The Libs point their finger and bawl like babies on how cold hearted conservatives are. (BTW, conservatives give more that 3X the amount to charities than Libs do. FACT, read the IRS statistics) I was raised, like so many other rural folk, that you got boot straps so pull up your boots by yourself. Help your neighbor, don’t burden him and you’ll have fine neighbors. Free $9 a month birth control pills for a 30+ year old woman (S. Fluke) that pays over $40,000 in yearly tuition at a high profile college? And she begs and bawls like a baby for her ‘free’ pills? Tell her to just take one, put it between her knees and hold it there! She won’t be needing any more ‘free’ pills after that! And folks wonder why we regular rural are so angry. It’s because of spoiled folks sticking out their hand expecting everyone else to provide for them rather than seeing what they can do for themselves. All the while, the truly needy get ignored by the same selfish bawl babies! Disgusting!

    • shoutabyss says:

      I’m glad you mentioned “babies.” If some don’t want to be forced to pay $9/month for birth control why should others be forced to pay for other people’s babies? The cost of having a baby is a bit more than $108.

      If this truly is a personal responsibility society then why the financial rewards for procreation? Shouldn’t basic economics and free market theory and all that stuff mean that you only have a child if you can afford it?

      • campfireshadows says:

        it does to a point, it means you take responsibility for your actions even if you have to work a second or a weekend job and maybe do without some of the cool things everyone seems to need. When I was old enough to procreate, I was told that if I didn’t keep it in my pants then I’d better be prepared to marry the girl or at least foot the kids bill and be his father for the rest of my life. I have four adult kids, worked my fingers to the bone to provide for them and rightfully get upset seeing folks expecting others to cover their ‘entitled’ butts. We are not wild animals. We understand the consequences of our actions good or bad. It’s all about taking personal responsibility. The only financial rewards folks get for procreation comes from our corrupted welfare system. I never got an extra dime for having kids. Yes, there are situations in every circumstance that a helping hand is advisable, but when someone keeps grunting kids out to increase their monthly check, that my friend, is wrong! I may be old fashioned but at least I never did anything on someone else’s dime.

        • shoutabyss says:

          Hey, Joe. I checked out your blog. Nice site.

          Extra dime? Someone else’s dime? Who do you think pays when someone has all the maternity and delivery costs picked up by health insurance? Well all do, especially those who are paying for the plan. And then there’s the governmental tax breaks offered for procreators. During the Republican primary Rick Santorum was talking about tripling the deduction for dependent children. Tripling!!! Talk about “gifts.”

          It doesn’t make any kind of sense for health insurance to oppose the $108 for preventing a pregnancy while having a baby costs, on average, $8,802. (I just googled it.)

          Sounds a little silly to worry that much about that $9 a month when it actually ends up saving so many more dollars. If money really is the issue here, I mean.

          • campfireshadows says:

            I didn’t agree with Mr Santorum either. BTW I hold no allegiance to any party. Insurance is a bit different. Its actually a form of gambling. You tell the insurance company, “I’m going to be injured soon and the insurance company says you aren’t. Then you reply, I’ll bet you X amount of $ I am! The insurance company says, “You’re on big fella!”
            I’m a Quaker, bred a bit old school I guess. Morals were something that guided our daily lives. We brought up our children with the same ones that we were raised with. We don’t look at the world and say, “Gee everyone is doing this or that, so it must be alright.” Of course Morals are different from ethics. Ethics change over time to adjust to society. Morals come from God who does not change. It gives us a firm foundation since the Bible does not change with the whims of society. As a Christian Quaker, we are inclusive and exclusive. We dress modestly believing that our bodies are the Temple of God. We also believe strongly in self discipline and responsibility. But most of all we believe in forgiveness because we have been forgiven. 🙂 JW

          • campfireshadows says:

            Yes, I believe he was also a Quaker but to stereotype Quakers as all the same is like saying all Chinese look alike. The order of Quaker I belong to is similar to many Mennonites. We believe in helping others through missions and local programs, sharing our faith, living our faith and acting in a way that is an example of what Christ expects of us. I can’t say what Richard Nixon believed or acted as since I never met the man nor is it my right to judge another mans faith. The proverb stating “Before pointing out the speck in your neighbors eye, remove the beam in your own.” comes to mind.

      • campfireshadows says:

        To quote George Orwells warning. “Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible. Feeling invincible neither makes a right wrong nor a wrong right. One must stand back and ask, is this what God desires for us or is this what we desire instead of God.”
        Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. JW

  2. moss says:

    BTW – thanks for crediting progressives with growing rational thought in America vs superstition and fundamentalist hooey. It’s probably just accumulated knowledge – as it has been in nations with education systems not as handicapped as ours.

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