When will it end? 20 children, 6 adults, shot down in an elementary school!

Allison Joyce

CBS News is reporting that 27 people including numerous children have been killed along with the gunman after a shooting inside a school in Newtown Friday morning.

The scene is being called ‘atrocious’ inside Sandy Hook Elementary School…

According to CBS News, the gunman, who is believed to be 18 to 20 years old, got into an argument with people at the front office at about 9:41 a.m. People have to be buzzed in before entering the school and there is a camera to view whoever is entering the building.

State police said this is one of the worst shootings emergency officials have seen in a long time.

The children inside the school have been evacuated to the nearby Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department and reunited with some of their parents at this staging area.

Connecticut has called surrounding states for more medical examiners because they do not have enough to conduct autopsies.

Standing up for good sense, for regulation, for simple procedures to manage access to firearms is long overdue.

I’ve been a gun owner for years and still am – both handguns and long guns. There is no problem passing through a procedure which at a minimum evaluates a purchaser for criminal background, for mental instability, for being a danger to society. That doesn’t take a lot of data mining.

I absolutely reject all the stupid political rationales for existing loopholes, the silliness that guarantees profits before the lives of innocent people. It’s time for ordinary citizens to reject the fanatics who make unregulated gun ownership a religion.

It’s time, now.

3 thoughts on “When will it end? 20 children, 6 adults, shot down in an elementary school!

  1. moss says:

    Candyass politicians quoted saying, “this isn’t the time to speak out.” Baloney! Every time a crime like this is perpetrated on the people of this land is exactly the time to stand up for a smart society. Time to walk away from the ethical cowards, so fearful, backwards, that they need guns more than law to feel secure.

  2. Mark says:

    Perhaps its also time to address what makes a man want to go to a school and shoot little children. Despicable, cowardly and unthinkable act. There are as many guns in Canada yet monstrous acts like this rarely happen.

    The whole idea of guns as consumer items available at the local store contributes to this mental instability IMHO. I get the idea of gun as as a means of protection and agree in principle but when tools designed to kill human beings are on the shopping list with things like a power drill or lawnmower, it become clear that all respect for the weapon has been lost.

    I’m sure most folks that own guns do treat them with respect and would only use them on another person as a last resort.

    Guns are highly regulated here in Oz and I’m not unhappy with that arrangement. Although weapons are not available for me to use to defend myself, I’ve never felt the need to own one and have no fear of being shot at by mentally unstable idiots.

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