Which generation gets the joke, first?

Hitchcock and today's angry birds

Thanks, Ursarodinia

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5 Responses to Which generation gets the joke, first?

  1. Al says:

    When I see stuff like this I remember why I love the Internet.

  2. I saw the movie when I was 8 years old…to this day seeing a flock of birds in a tree still freaks me out!!!!!

  3. tomsimard says:

    Ah, that’s great!

  4. Morrighan says:

    haha!!! hitchcock and ‘his’ birds! i saw that movie but i was so young i can barely remember it,if a movie/tv show has his name attached to it then i have to see it. the birds and the movie on HUGE spiders, one of them was coming up a hill over a water tower. not sure but i think he made that film also. those are the ones i remember most.

  5. Margo Bates says:

    My mother took me to see The Birds when I was nine-years-old. She thought it was a nature film. We didn’t get a lot of movies in northern Canada where I’m from …

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