Restaurant owners confront nanny state assault on rare burgers

There’s a bloody row brewing in Westminster as restaurants hit back at council attempts to control the way burgers are served.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Westminster council are to launch routine health and safety inspections in a huge crackdown on rare burgers.

The council denied banning restaurants from serving “bloody burgers”, but insisted it was taking the matter of undercooked meat in restaurants “seriously”…

Jessie Newton, who works at Lucky Seven in Westbourne Park Road said: “We have always offered rare burgers because we are confident in the way we cook them”.

“Our regular customers know exactly how they like them and come back again and again. It seems pointless to turn them away, and I hope we don’t have to,” she added.

Confusion over the nature of the council’s controls has already led some of the capital’s best burger restaurants to refuse to serve customers gourmet bloody burgers for fear of reprisal.

A spokesman from Joe Allen’s in Exeter Street said: “We are serving our burgers well done at the moment. This is what we have been advised.”

Yup. Let the lawyers supervise gourmandise.

James Armitage, Westminster City Council’s food health and safety manager, said: “This is not about banning under cooked burgers. This is about making sure customers are eating meat that is not a threat to their health.

“It is possible to produce burgers that can be eaten under cooked but strict controls are necessary for this,” he added.

He went on: “We have enlisted the UK’s top expert on E. Coli, Professor Hugh Pennington, to get this matter resolved and he has already outlined that rare minced meat which is not correctly cooked and prepared can kill…

Taking the question back to sanitary surroundings, appropriate standards for cleanliness and processing of foodstuffs – which should be covered by existing regulations. Enforce the laws you have and quit the nanny state blather.

There should be greater concern over the processed crap sold in supermarkets – trucked around the nation as if it was plastic dog food.

3 thoughts on “Restaurant owners confront nanny state assault on rare burgers

  1. kholli says:

    Much contamination of hamburger occurs before it even gets to the restaurant, is assuming the restaurant handles it properly, it could still contain pathogens. However, if people are aware of this and still want to eat it, then let them. At least they know what they are getting. But, they will have to sign a waiver because as it stands now, they can sue the restaurant if they get sick.

    And I totally agree with you about the processed food. There is such little attention paid to it and yet it is extremely unhealthy. The thing that really irks me is that this junk food is legally able to make health claims and most people are not only unaware of its nutritional deficits, but even believe it to be good for them.

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