The nutball solution to child safety? Buy them body armor!

“Duck and cover!” Republicans really miss the Cold War

Sales of bulletproof backpacks for schoolchildren are through the roof days after a masked gunman’s rampage left 20 kids dead at a Connecticut elementary school.

Parents began snapping up the high-tech bookbags Friday, the same day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Elmar Uy of the Massachusetts-based armor company BulletBlocker told the Daily News.

Who buys this crap? The same panic-stricken dweebs who buy more AR15s to protect themselves from the army of people who look different – preparing to invade their subdivision.

They also sell shields that start at $175 — bulletproof inserts that can slide into backpacks, laptop bags or purses. They add about 20 ounces — it’s just like tossing a bottle of water in your bag, Uy said.

The company has seen a 300% to 400% increase in sales since the tragedy…

Online, reaction to the kiddie armor reflected sadness.

They are now selling bulletproof backpacks for children. What is this world coming to?” wrote Twitter user Courtney C. Jenkins, a pastor in Ohio.

Many called the backpacks a “sad sign of the times.”

What’s the demographic? It ain’t all political. There will be liberal wimps as well as gun-toting teabaggers caving in to fear and immobility.

The best of Americans, Left or Right, will get off their dusty butts and join the fightback against flunkies of the gun industry like the NRA, gun nuts who substitute firearms for sex as part of their failed transition from puberty to adulthood.

Pick your favorite activist organization. Every one with conscience will be supporting measures against assault weapons, combat magazines, dozens of appropriate measures to turn the tide of American culture from self-destruction to modern, thoughtful, self-assured sanity.

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