A thumb-drive that will make her enjoy the memory – WTF?

Flash memory drives come in many odd forms — disguised as plastic sushi pieces, Swiss Army knives and Hello Kitty figures. Now, a contender for the oddest: a vibrator.

An erotic toy with built-in flash memory is the latest addition to a growing, evolving industry. The toy’s maker is Crave, a new San Francisco company begun by a Stanford University designer-engineer whose Duet vibrator started showing up this year in stores like Good Vibrations in San Francisco and Babeland in New York and recently hit a handful of boutique retailers around the country.

The obvious question: Why computer memory? Has multitasking jumped the shark?

Including memory was not Crave’s original intent. The idea was simply that the device’s USB port would be chargeable by computer, eliminating the need for cords or batteries.

But “a bunch of the testers asked: ‘Can we store stuff on this?’ ” said Michael Topolovac, a co-founder of Crave…

Mr. Topolovac said testers and others explained that they would like to use vibrator memory to store private material — not just erotic files, but documents. Users can remove the vibrating part at the top, he said, and be left with what might pass at a Starbucks as just a fancy flash memory stick…

More broadly, the Duet looks to be an exception that proves the rule. The exception: Mr. Topolovac said there do not appear to be other vibrators on the market with a built-in computer memory, though there are a growing number that can be charged through via USB ports…

In the case of Crave, adding computer memory to a sex toy is just the beginning of the innovation.

“Next year, we’ll be introducing products with memory and wireless capability,” Mr. Topolovac said. Wireless? “To control the device,” he said vaguely, but declined to elaborate as to exactly how that might work or why it would be useful, citing that Silicon Valley standby: fear of divulging intellectual property secrets before their time.

Uh, OK.

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