Top 10 concept vehicles of 2012

Doomsday has passed without a gasp, so it looks like humanity still has a future. If the concept cars we saw during the past year are any indication, that future looks very bright. As we prepare to roll the calendars over to 2013, it’s time to celebrate the finest concepts that 2012 bestowed upon the world. From voluptuous supercars, to green fuel misers, to the downright abstract and outlandish, it was a big year for concepts and design studies.

I’m not including cuts of every one in this post. RTFA and choose your favorites to dream about. A couple of these will be seeing production real soon now. Here are two faves:

Hottest Concept We’ll See Next Year: McLaren P1

It’s almost not fair to put the McLaren P1 on a list like this. We’ve waited for the return of a flagship McLaren for so long, we would have been impressed with just about anything it rolled out. But, despite the difficulty of recapturing legend, the F1’s successor managed to exceed all expectations. A truly unique and stunning design, the P1 looked like nothing we’ve ever seen. Every component and aerodynamic feature threw down a gauntlet at the world’s most elite supercars, saying, “Think you can take me? 2013: Let’s do it.” McLaren has yet to reveal what “it” the P1 can do, but we know it will rattle track-side stands when it launches next year.

Best Conceptual Revival: Jeep Mighty FC

Jeep has been flirting with the idea of a bringing back a pick-up model for years, and the Mighty FC may have been the baddest conceptualization yet. Channeling Jeep’s Willys heritage, the Mighty FC concept combined a 2012 Wrangler Rubicon cab with a full-sized cargo box. It may look less maneuverable than the average Wrangler, but Jeep showed video evidence that it was nimble enough to master some of the scorched-slickrock rambles of Moab, Utah.

I’d buy one in a Moab minute.

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