UK politician responsible for train fares uses chauffeur-driven government car to “avoid overcrowded trains”

Chauffeurs are people, too

The minister responsible for rail fares, Simon Burns, is under fire…after it emerged that he commutes to work using a chauffeur-driven government car. Burns, the Conservative MP for Chelmsford, travels the 35 miles between his home in Essex and Westminster using an £80,000-a-year departmental car service.

The news is likely to provoke more anger from commuters still reeling from the New Year inflation-busting rise in train fares last week…

According to a report in the Mail on Sunday Mr Burns uses a car to travel to work in order to avoid overcrowded trains.

A spokesman for passengers’ campaign group Railfuture told the newspaper: “It would be nice if the person who is setting these fare rises was also experiencing some of the congestion and overcrowding endured by ordinary, hard-pressed travellers.”

Mr Burns reportedly defended his regular use of the Department for Transport pool car by saying: “I have given up my second home in London and I commute to and from work carrying classified papers which I work on during my journey.”

He gave up his second home in London – gasp! My experience with London real estate suggests he probably made millions if he sold off something appropriate to his class and Conservative political party.

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