Republicans fail at blocking aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy

Never forget how little Republicans care for Americans in need

A long-delayed $50.5bn aid package for victims of superstorm Sandy has cleared the US senate, three months after the storm destroyed and damaged hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The package, approved 62-36 by the Democratic-controlled senate on Monday, now goes to President Barack Obama to be signed into law…

All of the opposing legislators were Republicans. But nine Republicans joined Democrats in voting yes to narrowly cross the 60-vote threshold required to overcome a possible Republican filibuster, which could have delayed the bill indefinitely.

The senate also defeated a Republican amendment that sought to offset the Sandy aid with cuts to discretionary spending spread over the next nine years…

Sandy’s victims “have been waiting for three months for their federal government to step up and help them rebuild their lives and rebuild their livelihoods”, Barbara Mikulski, Democratic senator from Maryland, said.

They have been waiting and waiting…”

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed the $50.5bn package on January 15, largely with Democratic votes.

The $60.2bn in aid is short of the $82bn initially requested by New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

This whole affair illustrates how little Republicans care for their fellow Americans. 31 of the 36 Republican senators who voted against aid for Northeast victims of Superstorm Sandy begged for federal aid for storm damage in their home states in the last year. If Christianity hadn’t beat them to it, the Republican Party would have invented hypocrisy.

5 thoughts on “Republicans fail at blocking aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy

  1. god says:

    I’m surprised someone eventually found enough Republicans with a conscience to finally pass the aid package through the House. It feels like there’s no one left in the GOP but overt corporate butt-kissers and backwater bigots and bible-thumpers.

    I wonder if they ever would have done anything if Wall Street wasn’t so close to Battery Park?

  2. Tim Gavin says:

    I agree with everything you say right up until the last sentence. Why do you feel you have to insult someone’s faith to get their point across? Although the right likes to project the image that they have a monopoly on Christianity, an objective examination of their actions clearly shows this is not the case. Christianity is about forgiveness and love of one’s fellow human beings. To deny help to those in need is inherantly unchristian. An examination of the early Jesus movement shows that it was indeed socialist in nature, and He was the original Occupy Wall Street Protester. Know your s%&t before you speak.

    • moss says:

      Thanks for that last sentence. You contradicted all your premises. A perfect illustration of what Eid said about hypocrites.

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