Photographing a Giant Sequoia


How do you photograph a 3,200-year-old giant sequoia that rises 247 feet from the ground? Michael “Nick” Nichols did it by stitching together 126 images into one fantastic photo of an absolutely majestic tree.

How did he take those individual pictures? Watch the video clip:

Thanks, Ursarodinia

2 thoughts on “Photographing a Giant Sequoia

  1. drugsandotherthings says:


    I lived through the spotted owl debacle and the northwest forest plan under Clinton in the early 90’s. Which is when I met the grandfather of a prominent logger turned environmetalist. An old man who told me stories of the road out to the coast in western washington dark as night from the trees overhanging it. And who told me that, as a logger who started in the horse and hand saw era, he never imagined the damage men could do. But he witnessed the invention of the chain saw. And the catepillar (bulldozer).

    And saw things change from a reality where men built small towns in the woods, and spent a year or three to barely make a dent, to a reality where entire hillsides where cleared in a season…

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