Inmates rescue three boys whose craft overturns in creek

Larry Bohn, Nelson Pettis and Jon Fowler – give ’em some more good time!

Prisoners working in a nearby park helped save three boys whose kayak overturned in a Washington state creek, fire officials said Thursday.

Three brothers — ages 8, 10 and 16 — were floating down Salmon Creek near Salmon Creek Regional Park Wednesday afternoon when their kayak overturned, Clark County Fire District 6 Chief Jerry Green told NBC News. The park is in Washington state just north of Portland, Ore.

Ten prison inmates from the Larch Corrections Center near Yacolt, Wash., were doing park maintenance when they heard screams for help and responded quickly…

Inmate Nelson Pettis, 37, jumped into the strong current, floating downstream until he could grab the two younger boys and help them to a pile of floating debris, according to the newspaper.

“I don’t think I was thinking at all,” Pettis told The Columbian. “I was just really concentrating on getting them to safety.”

Inmate Larry Bohn, 29, helped Pettis with the rescue: “…They just seemed really scared”…

The 16-year-old boy was able to swim to shore…

Inmate Jon Fowler, 28, waited for the rescue team to arrive and helped them inflate their rescue boat, The Columbian reported…

The water was “very cold” and estimated to be moving at 25 mph, Green said. The brothers were treated for mild hypothermia, but otherwise there were no other injuries, he said. Two of the inmates were also treated for hypothermia…

Bohn and Pettis reportedly had taken off their shirts, wrapping them around the kids to keep them warm…

“I don’t think we’re heroes by any means,” inmate Fowler told The Columbian. “I think we just did what any good person would do…”

Happens more often than you think. As tough as I am on warehousing violent criminals, there are scores who are on the inside who probably shouldn’t be there in the first place. But, then, that’s a topic for a discussion about our mediocre judicial system.

2 thoughts on “Inmates rescue three boys whose craft overturns in creek

  1. cissyblue says:

    … and crumbling family values. With out enough heros, family members can tire from the stress of the day just surviving. Clearly a lot of people who become incarcerated have made some really bad decisions for whatever reason, and some are ready to get the big picture, once they get some tools to understanding, if they are that lucky. Lucky enough to have second chances. Maybe Mr. Pettis could research what it takes to become Search and Rescue, and get really serious. Tonight, you can really feel something changing, something amazing; it’s palpable. Imagine the great energy of spirit and purpose it takes to rescue another human being without regard for yourself. Now imagine the energy of hundreds of good-spirited people consciously connecting for positive change, on all the many fronts needed, and you can know what I feel tonight. The good guys haven’t lost by any means; we’ve just begun to fight! The good guys are everywhere, even the most unexpected of places!

  2. cissyblue says:

    Reblogged this on cissyblue and commented:
    Something happened tonight. I saw it, I felt it, and I am seeing more and more evidence of it. There may be many very difficult struggles ahead but something good is taking hold; it’s starting to show!!!
    I stepped outside tonight to retrieve my little blind old puppy dog, who was standing at attention at the front gate, barking for all practical purposes, to some “otherwise” unseen field of energy. And when I got to him, and looked up, where the giant old oaks part their limbs to the sky of a rounded hilltop, the stars leaped out of their black velvet cushion so bright and sparkling, I was dumbstruck. So many stars out tonight and they are beyond beautiful, like going home… hehe (just wondering…)
    What new amazements await us in the coming days… an old country girl like me just sits in the soft grass with my back against one of the trees I enjoy a lot, grateful to experience stars like I never have before…
    Here is a great story of promise, good deed, strength, courage and hope. I say, chalk up another one for the Good Guys! Proud to Reblog from Mr. Eidard

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