How driven by sectarian hatred can American religions be?

This man’s church would prevent him from giving comfort to people who lost so much

A Lutheran pastor who participated in an interfaith prayer service in Newtown, Conn., in the days after the Sandy Hook massacre has apologized after being criticized by the leader of his denomination for violating its prohibition against joint worship with other religions.

The Rev. Rob Morris, a new pastor who lost one of the members of his congregation in the shooting, defended himself in an open letter published by the church, saying that before the tragedy, he had spent hours with his congregation educating them about the differences between Lutheran teaching “and the teachings of false religions such as Islam or Baha’i,” both of which had clergy members at the interfaith service. He also noted that, in his own prayer at the service, he had spoken about Jesus and quoted from the Bible.

“I believed my participation to be, not an act of joint worship, but an act of community chaplaincy,” he wrote.

But he also apologized.

“To those who believe that I have endorsed false teaching, I assure you that was not my intent, and I give you my unreserved apologies,” he wrote…

Mr. Morris, serving his first year of ministry as pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Newtown, attracted attention within his denomination when he gave the benediction at the high-profile memorial service on Dec. 16 that was attended by President Obama, the families of the dead, and clergy members from many religions, including the Muslim and Baha’i faiths.

Then, the purity and obvious superiority of obedient sheep belonging to this particular congregation of nutballs is detailed, blah, blah. If you want to waste time on it, click the link and read the article.

I’m posting this to explain one more time to my friends and readers why I so often describe the mouthing of ancient curses and platitudes by representatives of one or another fundamentalist religion to be as worthless as toilet paper made of sandpaper. It denies the purported purpose of the fabric. It causes hearts to bleed instead of heal. This defies any stated purpose for virtually all religions. Meaning they ain’t worth the paper they’re writ large upon.

6 thoughts on “How driven by sectarian hatred can American religions be?

  1. darrel says:

    Your assesment of religion is as ludicris as i have heard in a while and thats saying something it is the uneducated ignrant morons like you that get religion and people confused how do you think you have the freedom to say the idiotic rhetoric that spews from your mouth your just an ignorent pawn of the devil to stupid to comprehend the amount of damage you leave in your wake grow up!

    • moss says:

      Though you may be a high school sophomore trolling against religionists – in a barely competent fashion – I won’t take the time to correct your spelling, grammar or philosophical incompetence.

  2. Enemies of the faith™️ says:

    “Violence-legitimizing verses in religious scriptures increase support for lethal violence
    A survey experiment among Christians, Muslims and Jews in seven countries shows the mobilizing potential of religious scripture”
    “Scriptural legitimation and the mobilisation of support for religious violence: experimental evidence across three religions and seven countries”

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