Two 5th grade boys charged in murder conspiracy


Two fifth-grade boys were held on $100,000 bond each after being charged with conspiracy to commit murder at their school in Washington state, officials said.

The boys, ages 10 and 11, were expected to be formally charged in juvenile court with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, possession of a firearm and witness tampering for allegedly bringing a stolen gun and a knife to school and threatening to kill a number of classmates…

The boys at Fort Colville Elementary School were taken into custody Thursday after a search revealed one boy had a knife and a handgun in his backpack.

During interviews, police learned the boys intended to use the weapons Thursday, Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen said.

“These young men conspired to kill,” Rasmussen said. “It was interrupted by the bravery of a fourth grader who saw something and said something … and interrupted a murder.”

Colville School District Superintendent Michael Cashion said the plot was discovered before school started Thursday…

“We’ve been told that the boys had a plan to kill an ex-girlfriend … and harm other students,” Cashion said. “There was no list, but names were given to the police.”

I can’t get my mind around it,” he said.

Neither can I. I was always advanced in reading and comprehension skills as a child. In fifth grade I was aware of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

But, only if you were the Count of Monte Cristo.

What kind of culture teaches a child the best way to solve questions of love and sex – is with a gun?

4 thoughts on “Two 5th grade boys charged in murder conspiracy

  1. mhairi says:

    A patriarchal warmongering culture.

    If you kill kids with drones in Pakistan and drop violent assaults on girls by members of football teams, kids will pick up that violence is good, and violence against women goes unpunished.

  2. god says:

    What kind of society? Why, the kind we have: dominated by Christian, capitalist, political hacks – as interpreted by Disney and Reality (sic) TV.

  3. Lord Boofhead says:

    A culture too afraid of PC Do-gooders to punish their children that creates a generation of spoiled brats that expect to have no consequences for their actions.

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