Well-behaved kids get family a restaurant discount

The King Family in Poulsbo, Washington received a little surprise on their dining receipt after having a meal at Sogno di Vino restaurant. On there was a small discount for the family, under the label “Well-Behaved Kids.”

Turns out, the servers had been so impressed with the behavior of the three children, that they decided to show the family just how grateful they were. Owner of Sogno di Vino, Angela Scott, said, “You would never even know that children were in the dining room. We just wanted to say, ‘Awesome! You guys were so good!’” Not only did they get the well-behaved discount, the restaurant also gave the kids some free ice cream at the end of dinner.

The King family says that they never expected something like this to happen and merely expect their children to behave a certain way when they are in public. I’d say the Kings are doing a damn fine job.

Let me play the age card.

When I was a kid, children were expected to behave well. Especially during those rare occasions when we ate out.

I know, I know. But, I don’t do it very often. Yes, times change.

Thanks, Ursarodinia

Fort Bragg Spouse of the Year part of a same-sex couple

Lt.Col Heather Mack, son Carson, Ashley Broadway

Ashley Broadway and other same-sex military spouses do not have military ID cards or family member status, because the Department of Defense doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage. Ashley, like other same-sex military spouses, doesn’t receive military healthcare, moving or housing allowances or other similar benefits of being a military spouse.

Even so, she said the response she received when she first asked to join the Association of Bragg Officers Spouses was the first real discrimination she had experienced. The club’s leadership took two months to deliberate and first offered Ashley a guest membership, because she lacks a military ID. The club has since changed its policy…

Last week was an eventful one for Ashley and her Army wife, Lt. Col. Heather Mack. On Wednesday Heather gave birth to their second child, a girl. The couple also has a 2-year-old son.

On Friday, Ashley was named Military Spouse of the Year for Fort Bragg, N.C. The online competition, sponsored by Military Spouse Magazine, is part of a nationwide contest and is not affiliated with the Association of Bragg Officers Spouses.

Just after Ashley’s win was announced, the Fort Bragg spouses club publicly invited Ashley to join as a full member. They released a revised membership policy that includes full membership for all legally married military spouses, even those who do not have ID cards, namely same-sex spouses like Ashley.

Amazing coincidence. 🙂

“I have responded to them that I hope to join real soon. Of course, just having had our daughter, family comes first … I hope to attend an event and get involved starting in March…”

Much of this crappy behavior towards spouses in same-sex couples in the military is “excused” in court by DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. Hopefully the Supreme Court – even packed with Republicans – will recognize a responsibility to bring constitutional law in line with 21st Century social understanding.

Though our populace has grown to greater understanding of the real world, Congress stands alongside state governments incapable of rationale lawmaking. So, the next decision lies with our judiciary.

Guy quits his job over tax form labeled “666”

…Walter Slonopas is happy to be without a job. You see, he quit his job last week in order to save his mortal soul.

It wasn’t the job itself that Walter was afraid of, but rather a sign he believes he was given via his income tax forms. The Tennessean reports when Walter received his W-2 form this year, it was labeled 666, the number of the beast. The number appears in the New Testament of the Bible, and is linked to the Antichrist.

“If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil,” he says. This isn’t Walter’s first run in with the number at work. On his first day in this job, vice president of sales and marketing for Revstone Corp., Walter was supposed to be assigned employee number 668. He was mistakenly given 666 instead. When he complained, the number was changed.

However, a few months later the company changed systems, and Walter was again assigned 666. This time Walter quit his job, but it only lasted a few days. The company apologized, and changed his number yet again.

The third time this happened was just too much for Walter, though. His former company cannot explain how the outside firm that handles their tax forms assigned him with the number.

While his company would love to have him back, it’s not likely. Walter has no intention of returning, as he feels doing so would show he values money over his faith. “God is worth more than money,” he explains.

The man’s a fool. No doubt he also pays someone to reinforce his silly belief, every weekend, as well.

Maker’s Mark does Capitalism 101 and makes more from sales with watered-down booze

Secret ingredient in Maker’s Mark

In a move that will surely disappoint the loud bearded guy smacking his lips after every sip of his $9 Makers & ginger, the manufacturers of the premium whisky (“Unlike most American liquor companies, Maker’s spells it WITHOUT the ‘e’ at the end,” obnoxious drunk guy adds) have begun diluting their product so they can meet high demand. “Fact is, demand for our bourbon is exceeding our ability to make it, which means we’re running very low on supply,” Maker’s Mark execs wrote in an email to clients. The email, obtained by the Post, says that instead of 90 proof (or 45% ABV) the liquor will go down to 84 proof…

Maker’s Mark has been around since 1959 and is a top-shelf product in part thanks to some wax and clever marketing, but one Brooklyn bartender interviewed by the tabloid seemed dismayed that the subsidiary of a corporation worth billions of dollars would slightly compromise their product to maintain profit. “I don’t think the proof really matters [for a drink to be enjoyable]. But when that’s your reason for doing it, I just think that’s a cheap business practice,” the bartender said…

They’re not doing it to maintain profit, they’re actually increasing profits selling the same amount of actual alcohol to more people. Creeps!