Well-behaved kids get family a restaurant discount

The King Family in Poulsbo, Washington received a little surprise on their dining receipt after having a meal at Sogno di Vino restaurant. On there was a small discount for the family, under the label “Well-Behaved Kids.”

Turns out, the servers had been so impressed with the behavior of the three children, that they decided to show the family just how grateful they were. Owner of Sogno di Vino, Angela Scott, said, “You would never even know that children were in the dining room. We just wanted to say, ‘Awesome! You guys were so good!’” Not only did they get the well-behaved discount, the restaurant also gave the kids some free ice cream at the end of dinner.

The King family says that they never expected something like this to happen and merely expect their children to behave a certain way when they are in public. I’d say the Kings are doing a damn fine job.

Let me play the age card.

When I was a kid, children were expected to behave well. Especially during those rare occasions when we ate out.

I know, I know. But, I don’t do it very often. Yes, times change.

Thanks, Ursarodinia

4 thoughts on “Well-behaved kids get family a restaurant discount

  1. jadedapothecary says:

    Considering I usually see families who should be charged more or kicked out for their behavior, this is a great story to stumble upon. It’s easy to say kids are awful and ruin everything…but that’s partly because I think too many modern parents make it true. We should celebrate the exceptions!

  2. martynwilson says:

    In a way, it’s great that the restaurant should reward parents for having well-behaved kids, but shouldn’t that be the norm? I’ll own up to being an old fart about this, because my daughter reminds me that I used to say that restaurants were for grown-ups, and children could only go to them if they behaved properly. You should see the contemptuous way she looks at the squadrons of yummy mummies and their ill-behaved brats in her local branch of Pizza Express.

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