The blog is on hiatus for a couple of days — UPDATED

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I get to celebrate my birthday, Thursday morning, under the hands of a plastic surgeon specializing in eye repair. Courtesy of age – and my Italian grandma’s genes. 🙂

I won’t be allowed to peer at a computer screen or television for a few days afterwards – and this is not the time for experiments with dictating blog posts to my iMac or iPad.

I should be back by the beginning of next week, Monday, 18 February.

UPDATE: 16/Feb — Peering out from inside this gray head, the surgery appears to have gone well. I can see better, a more complete field of vision than I have had in a number of years. Prognosis from the experts – doctor’s visit next week.

UPDATE: 18/Feb — Eyes appear to be working better than ever. Next Tuesday morning – the 26th – will tell the in-depth medical side of the procedures. And the removal of stitches [ouch].

Meanwhile, I’m resuming a limited schedule of posting – extending back out to all the blogs where I contribute over the next few days.

UPDATE: 26/Feb — Stitches removed this afternoon. I’m happy with progress. The doctor is happy with progress. Complete field of vision – and it will only continue to improve over next few months. The doc is going to use me as his poster child.

10 thoughts on “The blog is on hiatus for a couple of days — UPDATED

  1. James Kalìwæ says:

    Happy birthday Eideard!

    If it makes you feel any better, I spent my 21st birthday getting plastic surgery to remove a cyst from my face. Let’s just say I exercised my newfound lawful privilege to the fullest extent that night. 😛

  2. Ursa ~ says:

    Happy Birthday Ed~

    Take this time to enjoy your other senses to the fullest ~
    explore sounds (great music is enhanced by closing your eyes ~ active listening ~ when I practice this, I see fantastic patterns weaving in my mind),
    scents (subtle scents can become delightful surprises..
    Taste comples foods,
    And touch ~ enjoy the feeling of the wind, the sun, the brisk coolness of a moonlit night.

    As always ~ live, learn, love & laugh

    Be well, my friend ~

  3. martynwilson says:

    Best wish, Eideard.

    I hope that the operation goes well, and that your recovery is speedy and complete. As others have said, let your other senses take the strain while you are without sight. I had an operation on my eyes about 50 years ago, and found my sense of smell, touch and hearing were vastly enhanced for that short period. Helped by a lovely nurse, I may say: I was a much younger man, of course.

    I’m sure I speak for all when I say we look forward to the resumption of normal services in due course.

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