Should the Republican Party be saved from obsolescence?


Red Edge, is a digital-advocacy group for conservative causes, and their days are typically spent designing software applications for groups like the Heritage Foundation, the Republican Governors Association and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Lately, however, Bret Jacobson and Ian Spencer have taken up evangelizing — and the sermon, delivered day after day to fellow conservatives in the form of a 61-point presentation, is a pitiless we-told-you-so elucidation of the ways in which Democrats have overwhelmed Republicans with their technological superiority…


“…once people think we’ve gotten them through the worst,” Jacobson said, “we pile on more — just the way Obama did.” He put up Slide 26, titled, “Running Up the Score.” “Obama was the very first candidate to appear on Reddit. We ask our clients, ‘Do you know what Reddit is?’ And only one of them did. Then we show them this photo of Obama hugging his wife with the caption ‘Four more years’ — an image no conservative likes. And we tell them, ‘Because of the way the Obama campaign used things like Reddit, that photo is the single-most popular image ever seen on Twitter or Facebook.’ Just to make sure there’s plenty of salt in the wound.”


Two days after Obama was inaugurated, Bret Jacobson flew to Charlotte, NC, to lead a panel discussion for the Republican National Committee on digital techniques and data mining. Thirty people showed up. That’s just as well.

So what if the Republicans learned all the latest whoop-de-doos of technology and communications? After all, that’s what Karl Rove is bleating about in just about every public pronouncement he’s made since he wasted hundreds of millions of conservative dollars in an attempt to elect Romney.

Rove wants Republicans to learn hip technology – and go back to lying about what they really believe in. What he and the rest of the Republican Party is stuck with is grassroots activists who rejoice in their 19th Century religion and 14th Century bigotry. The only changes they will accept in what now is their party – taking their ideology back as far as bibles and White Supremacist handbills will take them. They see nothing wrong with a war on enlightened women, limiting choice to white men only.

I hope they continue to get what they deserve.

Yes, the photo illustrations by Matt Dorfman are a gas. Worth posting on their own. He’s sourced them from Getty Images and the NY TIMES.

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