Canada’s version of the Rodney King beating

A teenaged robbery suspect has filed a civil suit against Trois-Rivieres police after he was beaten during an arrest.

The arrest was captured on surveillance video, and it shows a quartet of police officers running up to a man lying on the ground — then kicking and punching him repeatedly for 30 seconds.

Alexis Vadeboncoeur, 19, stated in court Thursday that he was seriously injured from repeated kicks to his testicles, and that a female officer grabbed his scrotum and squeezed.

His lawyer, Rene Duval, said that despite repeated requests for medical attention Vadeboncoeur has yet to see a doctor…

“He’s telling me that since he’s been in detention he’s asked many times — in writing because that’s the way it should be done — and as of now he hasn’t received any medical assistance…”

The incident began when Vadeboncoeur allegedly robbed a Jean-Coutu pharmacy while armed with a pellet gun.

The video shows a hooded man running into the parking lot of CEGEP Trois-Rivieres while pursued by police. The man then drops some items and lies face down in the snow, with his arms spread wide.

An officer then runs up and immediately begins kicking the man in the side, and several other officers join in.

The Surete du Quebec has launched an investigation into the arrest, and the four officers seen on the video have been suspended with pay.

Cops investigating cops – in the GWN. Not sure if that increases the likelihood of justice. I doubt it.

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