Someone’s actually been paying attention – fast-food calorie consumption declines in the United States

Americans say they’re filling up less on fast food and pizza, according to a U.S. survey.

Adults consumed an average of 11.3 percent of their daily calories from fast food in 2007-2010, a drop from 12.8 percent in 2003-2006, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said in a report today. The largest proportion of fast food calories consumed was among obese people, the survey shows.

While researchers couldn’t say why adults were eating less fast food, the decline coincides with a leveling off in the prevalence of obesity, according to January reports from the CDC…

The percentage of daily calories from fast food decreased with age, with adults age 60 and over consuming the least at 6 percent, according to the report. The percentage rose as weight status increased.

The percentage didn’t differ significantly between men and women, according to the report.

No significant differences were found between non-Hispanic whites and Hispanic adults, the CDC said. However, among adults age 20 and over, consumption was higher among non-Hispanic black adults than non-Hispanic white and Hispanic adults.

No difference was observed by income status in the percentage of calories eaten from fast food. However, in the youngest age group — those 20 to 39 — consumption dropped significantly with increasing income level.

In a separate study…the CDC found calorie intake of all food among youths age 2 through 19 fell between the 1999-2000 period and 2009-2010…

The share of calories from saturated fat, 11 percent to 12 percent, was still more than the 10 percent recommended in U.S. dietary guidelines, according to the report.

How’s that for a pleasant surprise?

Now, we need to learn which lessons have been working best, what’s getting through – and keep it up.

Dumbest so-called supporters a football club ever had

Fenerbahçe fans threw flares into their team’s stadium during yesterday’s Europa League second-leg tie against Belarusian champion BATE Borisov even though the game was being played behind closed doors to a previous UEFA ban.

Five people were detained on suspicion of launching the flares into the ground. Fenerbahçe fans had gathered outside the Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium in Kadıköy to support their team despite not being allowed to enter the stadium.

Those who sent these flares must be idiots,” said UEFA observer Stefano Farina, adding that the incendiary devices resulted in the burning of the Turkish flag and a fine against the team.

Despite the incidents and the lack of crowd support, the Yellow Canaries managed to see off the Belarusian challenge with a 1-0 victory, giving them a 1-0 aggregate victory.

Meanwhile, the club gets to pay fines, lose ticket sales, penalized for the behavior of dipshit hooligans.

Massachusetts boy calls 911 on his mom

Shamayne Rosario
Kid is lucky mom has a sense of humor

Ten-year-old Dan Davis had no interest in going to bed. So he called the police for help.

His mother, Shamayne Rosario, had just given him the news Wednesday night that it was time to head to his room, but the fourth-grader had other ideas on school vacation week.

“He’s like, ‘I’m gonna call the cops on you,’” said Rosario, 34, of Brockton, speaking on behalf of her son.

Shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday, Dan was shuffling his way to the bedroom, but instead picked up the wall phone and dialed 911. He quickly hung up, but not before connecting.

“Then he just walked to his room and got under the covers,” said Rosario, a mother of six and a student at Massasoit Community College.

Brockton police, following protocol, returned the call. Rosario explained the situation, then asked her son to pitch in.

“Dan, would you like to talk to the police?” she is heard saying in the 911 call, “because you can’t be calling 911 when there is no emergency.”

Then she told the police, “He doesn’t want to come to the phone…”

Regardless of what a person says, the department has to confirm all 911 calls in person, because police never know if it’s a situation in which someone was coerced into lying.

“You can’t really take that chance,” Lt. Paul Bonanca said…

Brockton police sent an officer out to the Rosario house, near Keith Park in the city’s Campello section. Rosario asked the officer to talk to her son about the importance of using 911 for emergencies only. No charges were brought.

“This is a lot for him,” Rosario said, as a throng of television reporters gathered outside her home. “I believe he’s not going to do that again.”

For good measure, Dan will spend the next two weeks grounded.

His mom put it best when she said that children…“need to know that there’s boundaries and responsibilities they need to uphold, no matter how old they are.” Bravo, Ms. Rosario.

Neo-Nazi with an illegal arsenal was stalking Black and Jewish community leaders

FBI agents recently warned community leaders in the Detroit area about a possible racist plot by a convicted felon and alleged neo-Nazi sympathizer who was arrested after he was discovered with an arsenal of assault rifles and other weapons, a law enforcement official tells NBC News.

“The FBI averted a catastrophe in this case, there’s no doubt about it,” Steven M. Dettelbach, the U.S. attorney in Cleveland, said in an interview.

New details about the case of Richard Schmidt, the owner of a sporting goods store in Bowling Green, Ohio, dramatically highlight what law enforcement officials say are major loopholes in the nation’s gun laws. Schmidt, 47, is a convicted felon who spent 13 years in Ohio state prison for a homicide after being convicted of killing a man and wounding two others in a shooting during a traffic stop, according to state prison records. Under federal law, Schmidt, who was released on parole in 2003, is barred from possessing any firearms.

Yet when FBI agents last December searched his home and store, they discovered a cache of 18 weapons that included AR-15 assault rifles, 9 mm Ruger and Sig Sauer pistols, shotguns, high-capacity magazines and more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition. Schmidt was originally reported to have been arrested on charges of trafficking in counterfeit goods, but was indicted last month on four federal charges —including possessing illegal weapons, body armor and ammunition…

Dettelbach, who is overseeing the case, said that federal agents have been unable to determine how and where Schmidt obtained his weapons, prompting officials to conclude he likely acquired them at gun shows or through private sales — where under federal law no background checks are required. .

“It’s scary,” he said about Schmidt’s arsenal of weapons. “It’s not … that I won’t say” where Schmidt got his guns. “It’s that sitting here today as a senior federal law enforcement official in northern Ohio, I can’t say.”

The investigation into Schmidt was conducted by a FBI Joint terrorism Task Force whose agents said they discovered he was tracking African American and Jewish leaders in the Detroit area. When agents conducted their search, they said they found evidence suggesting Schmidt harbored neo-Nazi sympathies, including a video of the 2005 national meeting of the National Socialist Movement — in which speakers wore black swastika arm bands and gave the Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute. “This is a war! This is a battle for our survival!” one speaker shouts on a video of the meeting obtained by NBC News. Other seized items, according to federal search warrants, included a list of national Jewish-owned businesses and paraphernalia from the “Waffen SS,” Adolph Hitler’s military force in Germany.

Two community leaders briefed on the case tell NBC News that agents also found a notebook in which Schmidt had listed the names, addresses and other personal information of Detroit area community leaders. Although Schmidt was already in custody, and remains in jail pending trial, the evidence in the notebook prompted agents to warn the leaders about what they had found.

RTFA for more details. The criminals culpable in this instance are Congress. Following the usual combination of cowardice and collaboration, our elected flunkies simply took the usual donation checks when the NRA instructed them to block any attempt to build a national registry of gun sales.

I don’t care what fictitious reasons are used to justify the corruption. The fact remains that regardless of local wingnuts and arms industry dollars, the fools in Washington are supposed to spend at least a modicum of time in the pursuit of happiness and safety for the whole country – not just profits for gun manufacturers.