Colorado lawmakers pass bill for same-sex civil unions

Speaker of the House, Mark Ferrandino, addressing the House before the vote

Colorado lawmakers approved a bill on Tuesday to legalize same-sex civil unions, and the U.S. state’s Democratic governor, who has indicated his support, was expected to sign the measure into law.

The Colorado House Democrats said the measure, which passed by a 39-26 vote in the state House of Representatives, would provide benefits, protections and responsibilities to gay couples similar to those granted heterosexual pairs.

The measure had already been approved by the state Senate.

This bill is about three simple things: it’s about love, it’s about family and it’s about equality under the law,” Colorado House Speaker Mark Ferrandino, an openly gay Democrat and a sponsor of the bill, told fellow lawmakers.

Nine U.S. states and the District of Columbia allow same-sex marriage. Voters in Washington state, Maine and Maryland last November became the first in the nation to approve same-sex marriage at the ballot box.

Eight other states allow civil unions, according to gay rights group the Human Rights Campaign.

On Monday, lawmakers in the House rejected a number of Republican-sponsored amendments to the bill.

What? Did you think it was only Republicans in Congress who immerse themselves in the religious practice of “NO”? Local members of the species can be just as backwards.

Actually, two Republicans joined Democrats in passing the legislation. Two Republican women.

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