Giant anaconda photographed underwater in Brazil

CAMPO GRANDE, Brazil – Images of a giant anaconda being photographed underwater created a stir this week on Facebook Brazil. After the amazing images were posted and shared, many Facebook users posted comments doubting the authenticity of the photographs…

Biologist Daniel De Granville, who took the pictures, assured the G1 network that the images of the huge reptile, which he estimated to be about seven meters, are genuine and that he captured them in the Formoso River, in Bonito, 300 km from Campo Grande…

De Granville says that the photos are original and made in a natural environment without any digital manipulation beyond the basic settings for color, sharpness and saturation. The images were captured in August 2010 in a place away from the city’s tourist attractions and in an area restricted to most visitors…

Thanks, Ursarodinia

2 thoughts on “Giant anaconda photographed underwater in Brazil

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:


    Sure this could have whipped around and done something silly like, say, strangle the diver to death?????

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