Hangover Heaven on the Las Vegas Strip

Located in Las Vegas, Hangover Heaven is the first medical practice to specialize in the study, prevention, and treatment of the common hangover. Dr. Jason Burke, a veteran anesthesiologist, launched the mobile business as a means to address an acute medical condition…

Although a traditional brick and mortar clinic is part of Hangover Heaven, the heart and soul of Hangover Heaven has always been its mobility. The 45 foot Hangover Heaven bus brings hangover relief to those in dire need on the Vegas Strip

For those who long for a more private experience, Hangover Heaven delivers countless in-room treatments to guests staying in sprawling suites in Sin City’s most high-end properties.

Another unique characteristic…is its mission to offer treatment without judgment. Dr. Burke is unapologetic when he describes himself as the first physician to formally dedicate his career to the study and treatment of hangovers, or veisalgia. In a city known for excess, Dr. Burke’s Hangover Heaven has provided judgement-free treatment to thousands of patients.

“It’s dehydration and inflammation. Treating it isn’t really a whole lot different than treating people who get dehydrated from food poisoning,” Dr. Burke explained…

“Studying hangovers isn’t easy. It’s not like high blood pressure, a condition people have for decades, where you could study it whenever. You’ve only got a narrow window to study it, and that’s why Las Vegas is a good place for hangover research,” stated Burke. “It’s got such a high incidence of hangovers.”

The medical-industrial complex is always ready and willing to separate foolish people from their money. No doubt.

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