Grocery chain cleared to give horse meat lasagna to homeless

Swedish grocery chain Axfood says it will donate several tons of lasagna containing horsemeat to the homeless in Stockholm.

The food retailer was one of several in Sweden, and of many across Europe and the United Kingdom, forced to pull meat products from shelves after a discovery that products believed to be beef actually were horse meat…

While the tainted food could not be sold to consumers, Sweden’s National Food Agency says the food can be donated.

Axfood will donate about 11,000 pounds of frozen lasagna to the St. Clara church, which will distribute the food to the city’s homeless.

Axfood will be required to remove the products from their packaging and provide an accurate list of ingredients.

I’m certain there will be some semantics whizbang who will say using the word “tainted” isn’t close to correct – and of course it isn’t. Because the meat isn’t tainted. Even adulterated isn’t appropriate. It’s mislabeled, it wrongly identifies the content but, horsemeat in and of itself does nothing negative to human beings – regardless of religious beliefs or the Bambi effect.

Does it suck that homeless folks get discards? You betcha. But, that ain’t the operative ethic here. The chain is taking the same write-off either road. At least they’re providing calories for folks who can use ’em.

Then you get to face the reality of a wealthy nation that still has homeless people living on the streets – and ask “why”?

3 thoughts on “Grocery chain cleared to give horse meat lasagna to homeless

  1. moss says:

    You’d think the New age types would like horse if it was called something else. It’s way too lean to have much flavor. Tasteless, flavorless meat is what sells at Whole Foods market and their peers. Just because it’s no fat.

  2. trixfred30 says:

    The only issue I have personally with horsemeat in things it shouldn’t be in is if the meat comes from animals which have been injected with the horse painkiller that can cause some kind of blood problem in humans – can’t remember what it’s called. But generally the whole thing smacks of incompetence, stupidity and of course greed.

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