$150 million drug bust at sea was – ‘peaceful’

HMCS Toronto boarding party

A Canadian navy crew was all smiles after making one of the largest heroin seizures ever on the high seas…when it intercepted a boat transporting between $150-million and $250-million worth of drugs on the Indian Ocean.

The Department of National Defence said HMCS Toronto seized about 500 kilograms of heroin from the boat on Friday. The exact location of the incident was undisclosed, because it’s part of a Canadian Forces counter-terrorism operation…

The discovery began late Thursday night when a naval helicopter β€” codenamed Raptor, after Toronto’s basketball team β€” spotted the small fishing boat in the water and began tracking it. Patchell told CBC News that fishing vessels called dhows are often used in that region of the world to carry drugs.

A team boarded the vessel Friday morning and began to search.

“Very early on in the boarding, we got the reports back that they found one or two suspicious packages,” Patchell said. “Didn’t take too long before three packages turned into 500 packages of heroin…”

“I had some intelligence that indicated some of these vessels we’ve been tracking may be carrying narcotics, but certainly nothing of this size was expected,” Patchell said…

Canada’s naval ships have been patrolling the Indian Ocean and Horn of Africa since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S.

Uh, why? The 9-11 attacks didn’t originate there. Bin Laden hasn’t been near that part of Africa since the mid-1980’s. It would be nice if this Anglophone Navy was spending their time interfering with piracy in the region – but, no special mention of that as a goal from the Commander.

We get to hear on a daily basis about activities that have somehow prevented dozens of attacks upon every one of our nations – with no evidence whatsoever because it’s “classified”. Sometime – a century from now – someone will open a couple of sealed vaults and possibly list the results of millions of dollars per hour spent on Homeland Security.

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