The NRA – like all bullies – are always cowards

The gun-lobby goons were at it again.

The National Rifle Association’s security guards gained notoriety earlier this year when, escorting NRA officials to a hearing, they were upbraided by Capitol authorities for pushing cameramen. The thugs were back Tuesday when the NRA rolled out its “National School Shield” — the gun lobbyists’ plan to get armed guards in public schools — and this time they were packing heat.

About 20 of them — roughly one for every three reporters — fanned out through the National Press Club, some in uniforms with gun holsters exposed, others with earpieces and bulges under their suit jackets.

In a spectacle that officials at the National Press Club said they had never seen before, the NRA gunmen directed some photographers not to take pictures, ordered reporters out of the lobby when NRA officials passed and inspected reporters’ briefcases before granting them access to the news conference.

The antics gave new meaning to the notion of disarming your critics.

By journalistic custom and D.C. law, of course, reporters don’t carry guns to news conferences — and certainly not when the person at the lectern is the NRA’s Asa Hutchinson, an unremarkable former congressman and Bush administration official whom most reporters couldn’t pick out of a lineup. But the NRA wasn’t going to leave any doubt about its superior firepower

I won’t waste space here on the crap proposal from Hutchinson and the NRA. Sensible people are battling to stay free of the gangster lifestyle they advocate.

Hutchinson, pressed by reporters about the armed goons, said: “You go into a mall, there is security. And so there is security here at the National Press Club.”

A reporter asked Hutchinson what he was afraid of.

“There’s nothing I’m afraid of. I’m very wide open,” Hutchinson replied, separated from his unarmed questioners by an eight-foot buffer zone, a lectern, a raised podium, a red-velvet rope and a score of gun-toting men. “There’s nothing I’m nervous about.”

The answer you would expect from a bully. The answer you would expect from a coward with 20 bodyguards.

5 thoughts on “The NRA – like all bullies – are always cowards

  1. massugu says:

    So let me get this straight: On a visit to the press club by a representative of a non-governmental organization, their personal security dictated who could be present and who could take photos and whether they were allowed to carry? Who gave these security personnel the right to do this? They’re not policemen they’re not marshals, FBI or secret service. They’re rent-a-cops! Don’t know ‘bout you but I would have told them to get themselves and their guns out of my building or I’d call the real police to help ‘em along.

  2. Dukester says:

    The NRA is actually the National Gun Manufacturers Association. Their only interest is more $$, accomplished by more gun sales. They have successfully convinced their followers that ANY gun safety legislation is not only in violation of the 2nd Amendment, but the first step in an effort to take away all of our guns. What they want is total freedom for anyone to easily obtain any weapon, which of course means that criminals can also easily obtain them, and which will then require even more armed “good guys” to protect us. It must be up to the saner amongst us to convince them that we DO NOT want to take away their hunting rifles, sporting pistols, etc., but rather to attempt to reduce the weapons available for criminal use. Sadly, I am not particularly hopeful.

  3. maxx9988 says:

    Right wingers always talk about losing their rights but that is just the bullshit they say to justify taking other people rights away. They scream smaller government but want the government to force their religion on us, their reproductive hostility on us, there views of science on us, their view of the environment on us, their view of corporate superiority on us and now their right to shove people around and search their person’s is being pushed on us. So much for our constitution and don’t get me started on the abuse of our rights they envision.

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