Gas flaring in North Dakota

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Gas flaring from an oil well in South Heart, North Dakota.

The oil and gas industry keep telling us they’re dedicated to implementing safe environmental procedures. But, they still burn off natural gas from their oil wells – it keeps profit margins up better than piping it off and transporting it to refineries.

One thought on “Gas flaring in North Dakota

  1. p/s says:

    A new paper looking at the health impacts of flaring in the Bakken area of North Dakota found that people 60 miles away can experience respiratory distress because of flaring. The impacts have significant economic effects that should be considered in regulatory policy, the researchers said.
    The lead author, Wesley Blundell, said these impacts could be even more pronounced in the Permian Basin, where flaring in 2020 was greater than the flaring in the Bakken during the study time period and population density, at least in west Texas, is greater than in North Dakota.
    Blundell is an assistant professor at the School of Economics at Washington State University and said he approached the topic largely from an economic perspective, including placing a dollar value on the public health impacts of flaring. This estimated dollar impact is based on the amount of natural gas flared.
    The study was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Public Economics.

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