“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” misses top spot – Yup. Only made it to #2 in the 4 days since Thatcher died

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead – the song propelled into the charts by opponents of Baroness Thatcher – has failed to reach the number one spot.

The recording, taken from 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, entered the charts at number two…It was more than 5,000 sales short of this week’s chart-topper Need U (100%) by Duke Dumont featuring A*M*E…

It entered the charts at number 54 on Tuesday, the day after Baroness Thatcher’s death, and climbed to number 10 on Wednesday. By Thursday, it had reached number four and was at number three by Friday.

There was a final rush of 18,000 sales between Friday morning and today, the Official Charts Company said, but its final total was 52,605 copies – 5,700 behind Duke Dumont, which achieved 58,321 sales in the past week.

An Official Charts Company spokeswoman said it had been a “relatively quiet” week for sales however, with the average sale of a number one in 2012 being just under 106,000 copies.

Some Tory MPs demanded the BBC ban the song – but others warned that politicians should not interfere in the choice of records played by broadcasters.

Conservatives in the UK and the US are claiming this is a “victory”. Hilarious.

In related news, revelers are still being arrested while celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher. No doubt there will be a well-funded committee to enshrine her so-called legacy. After all, we have one in the United States for Ronald Reagan. Rewriting history remains a modern-day specialty for Western conservatives.

Outliving some miserable thug is not a political victory, of course. What is important is foiling the efforts of revisionist historians who now will try to construct a synthetic history of phony accomplishments for Thatcher. I have no idea if reactionary moguls in the UK will rely on the range of crappola constructs always at play here in the States – for Reaganites. The Brits probably have automatic scripts still in place since the critical ouster of Churchill and the Tories in 1945.

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