Testing company errors kept students out of advanced program

Almost 2,700 New York students excluded from a gifted and talented program due to test scoring errors will get another chance to apply, school officials said.

The city’s Education Department said…the company that created and scored the admission tests has apologized and department officials were notifying parents that students originally blocked from the talented and gifted programs can apply…

Thirteen percent of the students in kindergarten through third grade who took the tests — 4,735 students — were affected, Education Department spokeswoman Erin Hughes said.

Of that total, 2,698 students were newly declared eligible for district-wide programs, scoring at or above the 90th percentile.

Chancellor Dennis Walcott said the errors made by the testing company, Pearson, were “unacceptable.”

Pearson has an established record in this field and we depend on its professionalism and deep capacity to deliver for the public,” Walcott said in a statement. “But in this case, they let our children and families down. I have told the company’s officials in no uncertain terms that I expect this will never happen again.”

The only acceptable part of this fiasco is that someone caught the screwup in time for students to be retested. Cripes, imagine how they felt. No doubt in my mind they had a personal idea of how well they did on the test – only to be shot down.

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