In pictures: Top ten green buildings in the United States

New Norris house, Tennessee

The American Institute of Architects announced its top ten green buildings in the US for 2013 on Monday (Earth Day, uncoincidentally). It’s a diverse list, containing a cheese factory, senior citizens’ apartments, school buildings, and a smattering of LEED certificates. There’s only one net zero building on the list, though it’s worth remembering that it’s much easier to build a net zero home than it is a net zero office or factory.

Step inside for a short profile of each of the buildings, or head straight to the gallery for the architectural eye candy.

I love this stuff. In most cases there is little premium added to the cost of construction – and sensible design can more than compensate.

The two of us live in 1200 sq.ft. designed and built on a tiny budget – and don’t use all the space we have.

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