Jersey City coppers told to remove anti-government patch

Police officers believed to be members of an anti-government extremist movement have been disciplined, an official with the Jersey City Police Department said.

The group of men from the Emergency Services Unit were “Three Percenters,” a movement that believes the federal government must be resisted because it is taking away Americans’ rights, the Jersey Journal reported…

Followers “engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing,” including the notion that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States were carried out by the federal government, said the non-profit Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups.

The “Three Percenters” take their name from the idea that only 3 percent of American colonists took up arms against the British during the Revolutionary War, a Facebook page says.

Deputy Police Chief Peter Nalbach did not identify the officers who were disciplined.

The department took action after a letter sent to the Jersey Journal said some ESU officers wore a patch saying “One of the 3 percent.” A photo of a patch accompanied the letter.

Nalbach confirmed the officers were wearing a patch and that it was removed “because we don’t allow unofficial patches.”

Fitting for clowns using 3% of their brains.

Attempts to establish fascist cells inside police departments are nothing new in the United States or abroad. Whether recruiting is done from “natural talent” in the forces or cadres entering departments with the goal of building a presence – is unimportant.

Their goals are the same, individually and collectively. The task of civilians, the appropriate response from the body politic, is to root out racists, the stormtrooper mentality that always accompanies cowards and fear-mongers trying to redirect the armed branch of civil service into vicious, reactionary policies.

16 thoughts on “Jersey City coppers told to remove anti-government patch

  1. Franklin Parker says:

    Where do they find these hyper vigilant morons and do you think with the little bit of firepower in the hands of such people could really stop the might of the U.S. military!? If they were going to take your guns it would have happened on Bush’s watch…look at all the other atrocities his admin committed!!

    • Kenneth Eliasen says:

      things are getting bad, if they keep getting worse the people will revolt REGARDLESS of weather they can win. it isn’t about that to true Americans. freedom or die. or at least a really smart society that can get along…which hasen’t happened yet significantly

    • Ji Forester says:

      LOL. First, you do understand that a vast majority of “Three Percenters” are current and former military / police. That means that the “might of the U.S. military” is in their hands already. Second, “a little bit of firepower” helped the “three percent” stop the British army, which was the largest standing army at the time, during the Revolutionary War,

  2. Doug618 says:

    If the American people decide to revolt, I hope it is against the wealthy elite class, that are RAPING the working class……

  3. Vickmichele says:

    Meanwhile the government spy’s on everyone’s phone calls emails and texts,Obama signs the NDAA and violates the people’s constitutional rights and pushes his disarmerment agenda on the people….So “extreme” those 3%ers…

  4. Ranger says:

    The future of our country is in question! The people even the wealthy are not the problem, government is the problem. Our forefathers knew this and that is why they revolted against the British. Now we once more look at tyranny and that tyranny is growing in our own government. When any government believes it knows what is best for it’s citizenry and attempts to make that citizenry dependent on it, that society as they know it is doomed.

    • Rize or Die says:

      These are not infantile fantasies. We the people need to take America back and make it great again – take arms, the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants!

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