Oklahoma nutball declares sovereignty from government

Shane Farrell Thomas, 37, a Del City contractor accused of embezzlement, is among those who say they do not recognize government’s authority to impose laws or taxes…

“We know they are in Oklahoma because we see and hear about their paper activity in our court system,” said Tamara Pratt, deputy director of the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism in Oklahoma City. “That’s their method of operation.”

‘Sovereign citizens’ such as Thomas, a defendant in multiple embezzlement cases, usually represent themselves in court, filing nonsensical paperwork on their own behalf.

“They like to flood the courts with false liens against public officials,” Pratt said, adding that ‘sovereigns’ don’t pay taxes, create false license plates and driver’s licenses and sometimes make currency as a means of defiance.

On Friday, Thomas was taken into custody by courthouse deputies before the start of his preliminary hearing. An arrest warrant for Thomas was issued after he failed to appear for a previous hearing.

Handcuffed and with his mother in tow, the Del City man reappeared before Oklahoma County Special Judge Larry A. Jones and promptly asked the judge to remove himself from the case…

Jones fired back, telling Thomas a counterclaim he filed that names the judge as a defendant has no merit because “there is no such creature” in criminal cases…“The arguments you’re making today are nonsensical and not relevant to these proceedings,” the judge told Thomas. “You’re clueless.”

Thomas, a contractor, is accused in four felony cases of embezzling more than $100,000 from friends and neighbors who paid him to complete home repairs, court records show…

Thomas, who referred to himself in court papers filed this week as “a living son of our Father God” and “one of the sovereign people of Oklahoma,” declined to comment about his beliefs or the rights of his alleged victims outside of court.

We don’t recognize him as anything more than a criminal defendant,” District Attorney David Prater said Friday…

A useless representative of nutball politics, the silliest sort of anarchy come full circle from left to right. He whines about paying his fair share as thoroughly as the 1% at the top of corporate America.

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