Trial nears over death of Texas family’s cat – Good News UPDATE

A trial date is set for 2nd week in May in a controversial animal cruelty case involving Bastrop pastor Rick Bartlett.

Bartlett was charged with animal cruelty last year after a neighbor’s cat named Moody was found dead on the bank of the Colorado River directly underneath the Hwy 150 bridge in Bastrop…

Bartlett trapped Moody on his property on January 15, 2012. He placed Moody in a cage in the back of his pickup truck. Bartlett later admitted that he left Moody trapped in the cage for two days without any food or water.

On January 17 Bartlett drove the caged cat to the Bastrop County Animal Control office and met with Officer Susan Keys…Bartlett told Keys that he often trapped cats in his yard that he considered feral and brought them to Animal Control…But Moody wasn’t a feral cat. Officer Keys noticed Moody’s collar and name tag and she told Bartlett to return the cat to the Bell family, Moody’s owner (and Bartlett’s neighbor)…

Later that evening Keys was told about a dead cat that was found underneath the Hwy 150 bridge…It was Moody. He had fallen some 50-feet to his death.

A veterinarian later told investigators, “Moody’s injuries were caused from a compressive force caused from falling from a high level.”

When investigators caught up with Bartlett, he stated that Moody had escaped from the cage and he didn’t know what had happened to him…

Bartlett…will stand trial for animal cruelty.

Bartlett was bounced from his former gig as pastor for the Bastrop Christian Church after his arrest. He knows a good hustle when he sees one and now has set up a new church – out of his home.

None of this helps Moody or his people. Bartlett’s unwillingness to admit any responsibility, care or concern for the pet’s death is unfortunately typical of animal cruelty cases.

Texas hasn’t moved beyond the 19th Century in dealing with animal cruelty cases – and I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise, either. We ain’t much better here next door in New Mexico. It took decades to outlaw cock fighting – just a few years ago.

Meanwhile – you can sign a petition for justice for Moody over here.

UPDATE: Bartlett found guilty.

Thanks, cissyblue

4 thoughts on “Trial nears over death of Texas family’s cat – Good News UPDATE

  1. moss says:

    Much of the civilized world comprehends the role of companionship between humans and many other animals. There’s nothing about that relationship other than essential, positive passage through life – as stated, as companions.

    Someone backwards enough to have no concern over his neighbor’s pet isn’t trustworthy in my mind to care for anyone outside his own selfish heart.

  2. cissyblue says:

    You did it you did it!!!! I knew you would, I just did. I haven’t even read it yet…. I can’t stop Whooppin! Thanks Ed. Thank you very very much. I am so proud of you. You didn’t let me down. Awesome. Forever at your service, sir…. always, Cissy in Tejas

    • cissyblue says:

      I read it. It’s perfect! I am overcome. My cup runneth over. It wasn’t in vain. Now a LOT of people will know. THANK YOU SIR. A thousand times. I’ve never let myself get involved to the extent that I did, but now I know it was the right thing to do. I’m at a loss… for words… and that very seldom happens! I am over the moon that you did this. All the spirits of little forgotten angels the world over know what you did tonite, sir.

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