Right-wing Brits crash-and-burn in local elections – call on members to breed more voters!

The British National Party has urged its members to procreate after it lost every seat it contested in the English local elections on Thursday.

The BNP fielded 99 candidates but did not win a seat. It lost the one county council seat it held in Lancashire, leaving Nick Griffin’s party with just two councillors.

In a post on the party’s website, members are urged to have bigger families to counter large families had by non-Britons.

Northernscot claims that 51% of the US population is non-white and says that to prevent the same thing happening in Britain, “BNP members and nationalists” need to breed more.

“I know, by now you will be giggling over this suggestion. But think about it, nationalists need to buck the trend of 1.8 children per white household. We need to aim between 3 and 4 children each if not more,” he writes. “And the bonus is that making babies is fun! So fellow nationalists, less TV and more fun! Let’s do our bit for Britain and our race…”

I don’t doubt there is plenty of giggling – over the desperation of these nutballs.

“We must look at ways of building up the white population in Britain,” he said, “There are a few ways that this can be done. Firstly immigration of white Europeans, although this causes problems in jobs and housing, in the end if they stay their children will slowly become pro-British, or their children’s children will at least…”

“…Nick Griffin is always going on about being outbred and in the past he has said members need to put away their boots and go and meet women. The problem is that your typical BNP member is a social pariah who is more into pornography than starting a family…”

Sounds familiar, eh? Some of the soul-searching going on in the Republican Party after two defeats by Obama sounds like this. It pairs nicely with the anti-woman, anti-abortion, anti-birth control agitprop from the Catholic and other fundamentalist factions in the Tea Party.

4 thoughts on “Right-wing Brits crash-and-burn in local elections – call on members to breed more voters!

  1. willowspring says:

    Yes, what they’re saying in Britain is ridiculous, but I wouldn’t discount the pro-life faction in the U.S. the way you did there at the end. Heard of Kermit Gosnell? Google him. And he’s not alone. Lots of corruption being uncovered across the country, lots of women injured, uteruses perforated, etc. When you’re done looking up Gosnell, go visit Pro-Life Pagans, Pro-Life Liberals, Pro-Life Democrats, Atheists for Life, Feminists for Life, and PLAGAL. We are many. And we are not Republicans.

    • moss says:

      You march together, led by the nose by Republicans. And when you don’t – you are even more obviously a diminishing number of religious nutballs willing to oppress women’s right to choose their own lives, when to parent (if they wish to). You are fewer all the time, every generation.

  2. The Blog Fodder says:

    Kermit Grosnell’s backroom abortion clinic was illegal under current laws. The Anti-choice crowd is claiming this is the face of abortion. Yes it is where abortion is outlawed, banned or not freely and cheaply and legally available – as it is in Grosnell’s state. If you want more Grosnells just keep on with your anti-women, anti-choice ideology. The truth is you are anti-life.

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