Judge once again rejects limits on emergency contraception

In yet another scathing critique of government health officials, a federal judge has refused to stay his order making emergency contraceptives available to consumers of all ages without a prescription.

Calling government efforts to restrict the sale of drugs such as Plan B “frivolous and taken for the purpose of delay,” U.S. District Judge Edward R. Korman of New York wrote that the medications would be available to all unless the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled otherwise by noon Eastern time on Monday…

In a 17-page ruling, Korman said the actions of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius were in “bad faith” and “politically motivated,” and that government lawyers were functioning in “an alternate reality” when they requested the stay.

Korman wrote that Sebelius lacked “any medical or scientific expertise” and that she undermined the nation’s drug approval process when she overruled a decision by the Food and Drug Administration to allow the drug to be sold to everyone without a prescription.

“The FDA is not the problem,” Korman wrote. “The cause of the rejection of over-the-counter sale of … emergency contraceptives was the secretary of Health and Human Services.”

Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, the New York-based advocacy group that is the plaintiff in the case, welcomed the order.

“Judge Korman’s sound ruling simply orders the government to do what the experts at FDA have been trying to do for years: to put politics aside and let science guide us to a policy that makes emergency contraception readily accessible to all women when they need it most urgently,” she said in a statement.


A quasi-liberal administration which ignores scientific fact to bolster their political cowardice ain’t offering anymore service to the citizens of this nation than the conservative and reactionary thugs that want the same backasswards regulations behind the same or slightly differing myths.

Nice to see a judge stand up to hacks and quacks for a change. Not that I’m confident the decision will stand. This ain’t a nation operating with a whole boatload of political courage, nowadays.

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