10-year-old gets 5½-year sentence for rape and murder plot

A 10-year-old Washington state boy was sentenced on Wednesday to up to 5 1/2 years in a juvenile detention facility for his role in a foiled plot to rape and kill a girl at his school and harm other children.

The boy was charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, juvenile firearm possession and witness tampering in connection with a plot in February at an elementary school in Colville, in the state’s northeast.

Prosecutors said he pleaded guilty last month to all charges.

Stevens County Superior Court Judge Allen Nielson sentenced the fifth-grader to a minimum of just over three years in juvenile detention and a maximum of nearly 5 1/2 years, Stevens County prosecutor Tim Rasmussen said…

The 10-year-old boy will serve his sentence at the Echo Glen children’s juvenile center in Snoqualmie, Wash., 45 miles east of Seattle. As of Thursday he had already spent nearly 100 days in a local juvenile detention facility, Rasmussen said.

The boy told investigators he and his friend had planned to kill a former fifth-grade girlfriend because she was “rude” and “always made fun” of him and friends, according to court documents…

The 10-year-old had taken a Remington Model 1911 pistol that originally belonged to his grandfather from his older brother’s room, according to court records.

The boys had also packed ammunition and a knife, but they were stopped on Feb. 7 shortly after they boarded a school bus, Rasmussen said.

A fourth-grade student spotted the knife and reported it to a teacher’s aide, Rasmussen said. The names of six other targeted classmates were on a list the boys had

Cripes! No doubt we can come up with any number of sources that influenced the young mind of this kid. How to commit such crimes; perhaps, including plans to escape punishment.

Who was supposed to be playing the role of educator and mentor to this child? Who had the responsibility for instilling a sense of right and wrong, good and evil?

What kind of culture teaches a child the best way to solve questions of love and sex – is with a gun?

2 thoughts on “10-year-old gets 5½-year sentence for rape and murder plot

  1. Jay Crider says:

    Reblogged this on One Voice, Among Billions and commented:
    This article blew my mind. Felt it needed to be shared, all needs to know that this is happening. We need to allow parents the ability to spank their children again, we have gotten to easy with discipline and, from observation, as a result parents have become fearful that if they spank their child, as a form of punishment, they will loose them. Now please do get me wrong, I am not referring to beating your child. My mother spanked me as a form of discipline, only when it was appropriate, and it was not abusive. People need to have the freedom to deal with their children, when actually involved in, raising them.

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