We the Geeks: a Constitution for nerds and geeks

…The White House is launching its #WeTheGeeks initiative, a series of online video chats meant to “highlight the future of science, technology and innovation in the United States.” The first one happened Thursday at 2 pm ET on the White House’s Google+ page and included four leading thinkers in science and technology. We at CNN.com began to wonder what would happen if there really was a part of the dusty old U.S. Constitution devoted to geeks. So we, who are geeks ourselves, drafted one. Below, you will find Article I of the Geek Constitution.



Section 1

All exponential powers herein applied to numbers shall not be imaginary, or be powers of three, unless it is deemed applicable.

Each House shall respect curiosity and the search for knowledge.

Members are encouraged to make scientific discoveries, if they so desire, but they may indulge any other topic of their choosing.

Such proclaimed Geeks shall be able to disarm the Keeg, to be heretofore known as the inverse Geek.

Horses may be ridden, unless it is declared that more pony is required. In that case, rainbow-colored ponies shall suffice.

Section 2

The House of Representatives shall be a weekly gathering, and leaders from each state shall be determined by rolling a d20.

No person shall be a Representative who shall not have memorized at least 50 digits of the mysterious number pi.

Section 3

The Senate will gather in a laboratory. Some members will be responsible for conducting experiments, while others will take measurements. White laboratory coats may be worn, but are optional.

No Person shall be a Senator until they can recite the periodic table of elements in their sleep.

Section 4

The time, place and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives can be calculated using complex equations. Such results shall be recorded in binary format.

The Congress shall assemble at least once per year, and shall eat as much pizza as they want.

The “Constitution” carries on from there. A lot!

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