Judge admits extramarital affair with woman who had a case being tried in his court


Embattled Wayne County Circuit Judge Wade McCree testified Tuesday that his extramarital affair with a woman who had a case before him “surprised and thrilled him.”

“I lusted after this woman,” he said of Geniene La’Shay Mott, a litigant in a child support case assigned to him. “I’m in my middle 50s and she’s a double dozen years my junior.”

…The judge said, their relationship was “volatile” and Mott “had problems with boundaries.”

“Miss Mott is passionate,” he testified. “She would be at the apex of euphoria and the abyss of homicidal anger.”

The judge’s testimony came during the second day of hearings brought by the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission, which has charged him with judicial misconduct over the way he handled the case.

McCree said he ended the six-month affair in November 2012 when he could no longer meet Mott’s demands for his time and money. He said after they broke up, she announced she was pregnant and demanded he get a divorce and give her $10,000 to cover expenses including an abortion.

When he failed to come up with the money, he said she told him she was pregnant with twins and was experiencing both an ectopic pregnancy and a normal pregnancy. She threatened to tell his wife and the media about their affair.

“She wanted to become Mrs. McCree,” the judge said. “She said ‘Wade, I’ve made up my mind that you are the man for me…‘ “

At the heart of the tenure commission’s case against McCree is his handling of Mott’s child support case while they were in a relationship.

The investigation includes text messages McCree and Mott exchanged in which the judge discussed the case and whether the father of Mott’s young daughter would go to jail if he didn’t pay back child support.

When McCree was asked by his attorney, Brian Einhorn, why he had not recused himself from the case, the judge said he blundered in keeping the case, calling the move a “major oversight.”

RTFA for more of the sordid details. A judge’s courtroom really isn’t the appropriate setting for a telenovela – at least not in real life.

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