Granny busted trying to smuggle heroin, cocaine in her wheelchair

A granny in a suspicious wheelchair was pulled over in Kennedy Airport by Customs inspectors who blocked her lame attempt to smuggle heroin and cocaine in the country…

Fior Daliza Garcia rolled off JetBlue flight No. 838 from the Dominican Republic on Wednesday and immediately caught the attention of the federal officers.

Garcia, 58, appeared nervous to Customs and Border Protection inspectors who also noted that her wheelchair appeared to be “freshly painted,” according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

She was escorted to a private room and transferred to another wheelchair. Her two suitcases appeared to be clean, so the inspectors focused on the wheelchair.

“During the subsequent search, CBP officers lifted (Garcia’s) wheelchair and noticed that it was unusually heavy and flimsy,” U.S. Homeland Security special agent Edward Romeo stated in the complaint.

Sure enough, the officers found a quantity of heroin and cocaine stashed in the “body” of the wheelchair.

Garcia, a grandmother from Boston, confessed that she was going to be paid $12,000 for smuggling the drugs here from the Dominican Republic…

She could buy a new wheelchair for every day of the week and then some – with that payoff. Now she’s stuck with prison-quality wheels.

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