Federal judge says minorities are predisposed to commit crimes

Civil rights advocates in Texas said they will file a complaint against a federal judge for telling a law school audience minorities “are predisposed to crime.”

The Texas Civil Rights Project, based in Austin, said on its website Wednesday it would join with other organizations to file the judicial-misconduct complaint against Edith Jones, a senior judge of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, over remarks she made in February during a speech at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

The complaint alleges Jones’ remarks “violated basic rules of judicial ethics, including the fundamental duty of impartiality,” and were biased against minority groups and people with mental disabilities. It says Jones told her audience certain “racial groups like African-Americans and Hispanics are predisposed to crime,” and are more apt than others to commit “heinous” crimes and other acts of violence.

The complaint alleges Jones told the law school audience she is disgusted by capital case defendants’ claims of “mental retardation” and execution is a service to such defendants because they are “likely to make peace with God only in the moment before their imminent execution,” the TCRP said in the release…

Jones was considered as a potential U.S. Supreme Court nominee during the administration of former President George W. Bush, the San Antonio Express-News said.

Of course she was considered. She fits the model approved and recommended by neocons, the Tea Party and old-fashioned rightwing creeps enjoying their newfound “leadership” status within the Republican Party.

10 thoughts on “Federal judge says minorities are predisposed to commit crimes

  1. Orpheus Object says:

    Her ‘honor’ should read a little history – it’s people in HER ‘class’ and ‘race’ that historically have committed the worst, most brutal crimes; that tried to protect, preserve and defend slavery; repress other people’s right to self-expression; deny / repress / abridge the rights of LGBT and women and minorities; and it’s these ‘pillars of the community’ that keep finding creative ‘accounting methods’ to endanger the economy for everyone in THIS country while indirectly affecting the global economy.

    So, it’s clear that conservative white folks are the real problem (especially this special breed of ‘rugged individualists’ in the south and west); this ignorant bitch should turn herself in with all due haste, it’s the ‘moral’ thing to do.

    • morey says:

      I believe it was a closed meeting – no public, no press. It took someone with a conscience to leak what they heard.

  2. Priscilla Green says:

    Her Honor is full of Dishonor, She holds a post which commands honesty,integrity,and equality. She seems to hold none of these qualities, which any one of them would deny her a position on the Bench How very very sad.

  3. Mark says:

    In a way she is right. Minorities, by virtue of racist behavior by both conservative and liberal segment of middle class society, are pushed towards crime and/or reliance on welfare in order to survive. Of course, the fact that most poor folks DONT is lost on cretins like Jones. Clearly many of the worst criminals reside uptown.

  4. Del says:

    She is a heartless person that will sentence a minority to life simply based on their skin color. Your honor should read present and past history of heinous crimes!!

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