Vermont decriminalizes possessing small amounts of marijuana


Gov. Peter Shumlin signed legislation making Vermont the 17th state to approve decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

This change just makes common sense. Our limited resources should be focused on reducing abuse and addiction of opiates like heroin and meth rather than cracking down on people for having very small amounts of marijuana,” Shumlin said…

The law, which Shumlin signed Thursday, replaces criminal penalties with a civil fine for adults who possess an ounce or less of the drug.

The legislation also treats minors less than 21 years of age who possess an ounce or less the same as minors possessing alcohol.

They will be referred to a court diversion program for the first offense, and be subject to potential civil penalties or a license suspension for the second and criminal penalties for a third violation, the governor’s office said.

I get to say “overdue” for the seventy-eleventh time. If this keeps up, I may eventually search for a recipe for something like Alice B Toklas bran muffins. I don’t smoke anything.

One thought on “Vermont decriminalizes possessing small amounts of marijuana

  1. MyDadandI says:

    I heard a story yesterday about a woman who was caught with a very small amount of marijuana when she was 17 years old – received a charge on her record – and now, 30 years later is denied employment opportunities because of this record. It is a good thing that we respect the law – but there are sometimes much bigger fish to fry – and to have to keep this record for so long is downright unjust. It will only serve to perpetuate crimes. Frustrating.

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