Pope blames church corruption on the Vatican’s Gay Lobby

Pope Francis lamented that a “gay lobby” was at work at the Vatican in private remarks to the leadership of a key Latin American church group — a stunning acknowledgment that appears to confirm earlier reports about corruption and dysfunction in the Holy See…

The group, known by its Spanish acronym CLAR, said it was greatly distressed that the document had been published and apologized to the pope.

In the document, Francis is quoted as saying that while there were many holy people in the Vatican, there was also corruption: “The `gay lobby’ is mentioned, and it is true, it is there … We need to see what we can do …” the synthesis reads…

In the days leading up to Pope Benedict XVI’s Feb. 28 resignation, Italian media were rife with reports of a “gay lobby” influencing papal decision-making and Vatican policy through blackmail, and suggestions that the scandal had led in part to Benedict’s decision to resign…

The unsourced reports, in the Rome daily La Repubblica and the news magazine Panorama, said details of the scandal were laid out in the secret dossier prepared for Benedict by three trusted cardinals who investigated the leaks of papal documents last year.

Benedict left the dossier for Francis

Sounds like the history of corruption among our own fascist-minded from Joe McCarthy to Ted Cruz: “I have this list in my hand of communist agents in the State Department/Harvard Law School/Occupy Texas” – just cross out the targets that don’t fit the day’s slander.

In the synthesis, Francis was quoted as being remarkably forthcoming about his administrative shortcomings, saying he was relying on the group of eight cardinals he appointed to lead a reform of the Vatican bureaucracy.

The document quoted him as saying: “I am very disorganized, I have never been good at this. But the cardinals of the commission will move it forward.”

Cripes, he even has his own Gang of Eight. No doubt as unlikely to place civil rights and civil liberties ahead of personal gain than the average Congress-thug. Meanwhile, the Vatican’s tradition of gay-bashing is dragged-out once again as a weapon of self-defense by a tottering group of old men centuries beyond their sell-by date.

Pic of the Day

Click to enlargeREUTERS/Andrew Biraj

Garment workers from textile company Envoy Group demonstrate climbing a makeshift ladder, which serves as a fire exit to the building, during a protest in Dhaka, the capitol of Bangladesh.

You might wish to enquire of the stores where you buy clothing – if this is the level of care and concern for working conditions and safety required by the corporations making that clothing?

Best reason – this week – to put your money in a bank!

An elderly lady in southern China has lost all her savings to termites.

The £42,000-worth of cash was given to the woman by her children six months ago.

But instead of depositing the money in the bank, she wrapped it up in a plastic bag and stored it in a wooden drawer in her house, according to the state-run CCTV channel.

The unlucky lady, whose identity has not been released, only realised her cash had been munched through by termites in April when she opened the drawer to take out some money to pay for decorating work.

In a panic, she took the banknotes – which had all been damaged – to a local bank in the hope that they could be still identified.

After several rounds of scanning and comparing, the bank managed to verify around £35,000.

She still lost about 15%.