11 thoughts on “A poster that speaks for itself

  1. Mark says:

    I’m sure liberals and other assorted spineless douchebags will continue to give Obama and the Dems the benefit of the doubt in this perfectly monitored society. The corporatocracy is your friend, donchya know!

    • eideard says:

      They are joined at the hip by conservatives whose only suggested alternative is to invade a few more countries to maintain the subsidies to our War Machine and the Oil Patch Boys. The establishment has been successful for decades at suppressing even the smallest of alternative political parties.

    • Cat Maxwell says:

      Yeah, and you hypocritical Right Wingers would be the first ones bellyaching if there were another major terror attach like there was under Bush! You guys would be saying, Obama did not protect us!! You cannot have it both ways. The bottom line is you will vilify the Prez no matter what he does for reason that are quite transparent to the rest of us despite your protestations to the contrary. And you GOPers are totally in bed with corporations — they fund your elections — so you better not bad mouth them. The Dems have a large grassroots organization that helps fund them.

      • Mark says:

        Funny. If you are critical of the Dems you are automatically assumed a right winger. This media driven polarisation of politics has clearly (and successfully) turned some people into unthinking automatons too afraid to question their own politics or the major party they believe to be ‘on their side’.

        Pfft right winger. I’m actually closer to a left libertarian (now there’s a quandary!) .than anything.

        Mr Eideard is correct. The major parties are indeed joined at the hip. He is a proper Socialist with a realistic, though somewhat more sympathetic, view of what the Democrats really are. The GOP, whom I generally despise, offer no sane alternative but at least deserve to be heard and hoisted by their own petard where necessary.

        and I do I really live in Oz! Check my blog for lots of pics of lovely Aussie landscapes.

    • Tony says:

      hmmm… Mark calls liberals “douchebags”, Moss says Mark lives in Oz, Eideard accuses conservatives of invading countries for their resources, and Cat says right wingers are in bed with corporations. Wow! That’s a lot of vitriol within 8 column inches of replies. Well done. Each of you would say that you have the best interests of the country at heart, and yet you are very far apart in your commentary. Why do you think that is? Couldn’t be that you aren’t willing to listen to the other side, and then debate in a reasonable way, could it? Nah.

  2. Jon says:

    Where, exactly, was all this conservative “my liberties are being taken away!” rage when the “Patriot” Act was passed?

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