Canada trusts Oil Patch Boys to clean up their messes – NOT!

Companies operating major crude oil pipelines in Canada will be required to have C$1 billion available to fund clean ups from any spills, the Canadian government said on Wednesday.

Joe Oliver, Canada’s minister of natural resources, also announced new fines that will soon come into force for companies and individuals that violate environmental laws. The fines will range from C$25,000 to a maximum of C$100,000.

Oliver was speaking in British Columbia, where the provincial government is insisting on world-class oil-spill and clean-up systems as one of the conditions for approving the construction of Enbridge Inc’s contentious C$6 billion Northern Gate way pipeline project.

“British Columbia’s government is conducting its own review of pipeline safety, and we are working with them,” said Oliver. “These federal measures being announced today are a major contribution to the combined efforts of both levels of government on this issue.”

Other measures unveiled on Wednesday included steps to ensure that the emergency and environmental plans of companies are publicly available and enshrining in law the “polluter pays” principal, which is currently only implicit…

Earlier in June it raised the liability for oil spill clean ups off the country’s east and Arctic coasts to C$1 billion from C$30 million and the liability for nuclear-plant operators to C$1 billion from C$75 million.

Stephen Harper and his conservative government may be ideological lowlifes; but, they’re not entirely clueless about trusting fossil fuel conglomerates. They want funds escrowed to cover the environmental disasters oil barons are capable of dropping into a country.

One thought on “Canada trusts Oil Patch Boys to clean up their messes – NOT!

  1. eideard says:

    Too many years since I worked around the Oil Patch, I guess. Pipelines used to be built for 50-1000 years life span – minimum.

    Are they using thinner walled pipe? Are the corrosive attributes of some of this crude really as bad as some non-scientists believe?

    After all, this country has hundreds of thousands of miles of pipelines with nary a problem. Has anything changed?

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