Same old, same old – for forty years

Dale Irby wore the same disco-era shirt and sweater vest for all 40 years of school photos in his teaching career in Garland Texas. Those photos and a video of them have now had more than 1.3 million hits online.

I have heard from journalists in Australia, England and Germany wanting to follow up on the saga — as well as producers at CNN and ABC. I heard that NBC’s Today show did a spot on Dale this morning.

Not a bad note for a great teaching career to end on.

Tell you why this is such a hoot for me. I think I owned that same shirt for 30 years, anyway. Moths got a similar sweater vest that I had just as long when I was living in the Navajo Nation 20 years ago.

It’s a guy thing.

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One Response to Same old, same old – for forty years

  1. With underwear to match, I’ll bet. (shudder)

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