Saudi women activists face jail for taking food to woman who said she was imprisoned by her husband

Two female human rights activists are facing prison sentences in Saudi Arabia for delivering a food parcel to a woman who told them she was imprisoned in her house with her children and unable to get food.

Wajeha al-Huwaider, who has repeatedly defied Saudi laws by posting footage of herself driving on the internet, and Fawzia al-Oyouni, a women’s rights activist, face 10 months in prison and a two-year travel ban after being found guilty on a sharia law charge of takhbib – incitement of a wife to defy the authority of her husband.

…Campaigners argue the women have been targeted because of their human rights work, and fear that the sentences send out a chilling message to other activists who dare to criticise the repressive regime, under which women cannot drive and can only cycle in recreational areas when accompanied by a male guardian.

“These women are extremely brave and active in fighting for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, and this is a way for the Saudi authorities to silence them,” said Suad Abu-Dayyeh, the Middle East and north Africa consultant for Equality Now, which is fighting for the women’s release. “If they are sent to jail it sends a very clear message to defenders of human rights that they should be silent and stop their activities – not just in Saudi Arabia, but across Arab countries. These women are innocent – they should be praised for trying to help a woman in need, not imprisoned.”

The women were arrested in June 2011 after going to the aid of the Canadian national Nathalie Morin, who contacted Huwaider and said her husband was away from their home in the eastern city of Dammam for a week and her supplies of food and water were running out. When they arrived they were immediately arrested and released a day later.

More than a year later, in July 2012, they were called in for further questioning. Huwaider previously said she was repeatedly asked about her involvement in the Women2Drive campaign, which lobbies for women to be allowed to drive in the kingdom. In May 2011 Huwaider and Manal al-Sharif defied Saudi law and gained international media attention by driving a car, posting widely viewed footage on YouTube. She was also asked about a women’s rights protest she organised in 2006 on the King Fahd causeway and her 2009 attempt to cross to Bahrain without the approval of a male guardian…

Following a trial which concluded last month the judge deemed the pair were guilty of “supporting a wife without her husband’s knowledge, thereby undermining the marriage“. Their appeal is to be heard on 12 July and they are asking the Saudi king, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, for a pardon.

Life in a theocracy. Please don’t delude yourself into thinking there aren’t any Christians who would practice the same sort of sharia law in the United States – if they thought they could get away with it.

One thought on “Saudi women activists face jail for taking food to woman who said she was imprisoned by her husband

  1. allthoughtswork says:

    They DO practice it and they DO get away with it. It’s couched in socially and religiously reinforced gender roles straight out of 1951 that turn a fundamental Christian woman’s life into a living Kafka movie without her even knowing it. Fucking Betty Crockers police each other; fundy women keep each other in their place. It’s like Amish shunning but far more subtle and insidious.

    I’m amused by how shocked everyone seems to be all of a sudden at the level of meanness school bullying has attained. Women have been tolerating that soul-crushing shit in one form or another for generations, it’s just part of the X chromosome package deal. No one has talked about it until now because society had always labeled it Normal. It’s similar to the hazing and bullying boys have faced in clubs, fraternities, and sports teams since the beginning of time. Sack up, children, it’s just tradition.

    The kind of thing that gets kids expelled now is the kind of thing that teachers at my grade school used to respond to with half-hearted exclamations of, “Oh, just ignore them and they’ll stop.” Yeah, that didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. Can you imagine a young fundy Christian mother ignoring her misogynistic husband’s religiously-approved subjugation and hoping it will stop? It’s going on tonight in so many households, it’d make your head spin. Shhh! Keep it to yourself, ladies. Nobody likes an uppity woman.

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