Either way – dumb crook of the day

Prosecutors say the Nevada man arrested near the University of Washington campus with weapons and explosives also had anti-government propaganda and directions to three Seattle colleges.

Justin Miles Jasper, 21, is being held in King County, Wash., in lieu of $2 million bail…

Montana authorities said Jasper had stolen a pickup truck and several firearms from a truck driver who gave him a place to stay in Butte for the last month, the AP reported.

Authorities who searched the truck after Jasper’s arrest found a stolen scoped rifle, a stolen shotgun, body armor, three knives, a machete and six Molotov cocktails, county prosecutor Alexander Hamilton said.

Prosecutors announced Friday that investigators had also uncovered propaganda materials — including a recording of a podcast — in which Jasper allegedly addressed the political upheaval in Syria and Brazil and expressed anti-government sentiments, Hamilton said…

The suspect was also found with directions to three college campuses: the University of Washington, Seattle University and South Seattle Community College, Hamilton said.

After a police pursuit, Jasper was arrested near Seattle Children’s Hospital late Wednesday, a short drive from the UW campus, said John Vinson, chief of the university’s police department. He provided no additional details of the pursuit, but described the arrest as “high-risk.”

Check out this dodo. Either he planned a great deal of violent crime – cruel and dumb – or, as he said, he stole the truck and never noticed what was inside. Just dumb.

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