Republicans continue to block law on energy-efficient lighting

Preparing for a meeting of the House Republican Caucus

A U.S. House vote Wednesday blocked enforcement of light bulb standards aimed at promoting the use of bulbs that are more energy efficient but also pricier.

Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, inserted the language pertaining to the light bulbs in the energy and water spending bill. His addition prohibits using any Department of Energy funds to implement the standards…

Although the government was authorized to implement bulb standards under the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, Congress has delayed imposition of the standards for several years…

The measure’s supporters said it does not outlaw any particular bulb, but rather requires bulbs to become more energy efficient. Incandescent bulbs are available that meet the standards and the law does not require the purchase of specific alternatives, such as compact fluorescent bulbs, Democrats said.

Burgess’ amendment was passed in a voice vote with no House member calling for a recorded vote.

The carnival of incompetence which now is the Republican Party would be laughable if they weren’t trying their best to continue the damage to the US economy that reached its peak under the Lesser George Bush.

The Party of NO want to turn this whole nation back to driving 1929 Chevrolets and declaring war on anyone who calls for civil rights and voting rights for non-whites and women. Beating their drum at the cave-mouth of Congress to drown out reason and rational law is all they have left to call their political platform.

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