Toyota sells 3-millionth Prius

Three generations in sixteen years and more than three million units sold worldwide – as of the end of June, those are the stats on the Toyota Prius. Even though Toyota says Prius sales might not reach the goal of 250,000 units this year, the little hybrid that could still doesn’t have any problem flying off dealer lots.

The second-generation Prius sold 1.2 million examples in its eight-year lifespan, and the third generation, introduced in 2009, has sold 1.7 million examples in just four years.

Toyota is also touting its investment in future powertrains, some $7.9 billion on research and development into new platforms and components, and “environmental technology development.”

Toyota deserves all the credit in the world for designing a new generation of automobiles that consumes less, pollutes less. It took an enormous amount of money and willingness to stick to principles to accomplish what they have.

Might be nice if we had a few more governments willing to adopt the same standards.

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