Sea levels to rise 2.3 metres per degree of global warming

Sea levels could rise by 2.3 metres for each degree Celsius that global temperatures increase and they will remain high for centuries to come, according to a new study by the leading climate research institute…

Anders Levermann said his study for the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research was the first to examine evidence from climate history and combine it with computer simulations of contributing factors to long-term sea-level increases: thermal expansion of oceans, the melting of mountain glaciers and the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets…

Sea levels rose by 17cm last century and the rate has accelerated to more than 3mm a year, according to the IPCC. A third of the current rise is from Antarctica and Greenland…

“In the past there was some uncertainty and people haven’t known by how much,” Levermann said. “We’re saying now, taking everything we know, that we’ve got a robust estimate of 2.3 meters of rising sea per degree of warming.”

David Vaughan, head of the Ice2sea project to narrow down uncertainties about how melting ice will swell the oceans, has said sea levels would rise by between 16.5 and 69 cm under a scenario of moderate global warming this century.

Vaughan told Reuters the biggest impact rising seas will have is that storms will be more destructive in the near future.

“It’s not about chasing people up the beach or the changing shape of coastlines,” he said. “The big issue is how the storms will damage our coasts and how often they occur. That’ll increase even with small levels of sea rise in coming decades.”

“Continuous sea-level rise is something we cannot avoid unless global temperatures go down again,” Levermann said. “Our results indicate that major adaptation at our coastlines will be necessary. It’s likely that some currently populated regions can’t be protected in the long run.”

The worst of the climate change deniers are the know-nothings. They have zero knowledge of the topic so their arguments rely on volume more than topicality. The most insidious. The science groupies who have learned at least to make their non-science and overt lies sound somewhat reasonable – to the ignoranuses in the first group.

I spent two years debating, examining, studying the topic at the turn of the millenium. I’ve since stayed current with the work coming from the researchers who best explained the processes at play – to my satisfaction. The Max Planck Institute – fortunately offers a great deal of their published work in English.

For day-by-day, month-by-month resources, I heartily recommend the folks noted over on the right of this page at RealClimate.

4 thoughts on “Sea levels to rise 2.3 metres per degree of global warming

  1. Mark says:

    Mr Eideard
    The article says that seas COULD rise by 2.3 meters, yet your title suggests that seas are TO rise by that rather large amount. What gives? Most intelligent observers know that humans are impacting on the climate and that seas are rising, but why is it necessary to indulge in alarmist hyperbole in order to illustrate the point? We all know you lefties like to sink the boots in on the right wing douchebags who believe that you can keep polluting the planet indefinitely and not affect the climate, but treating climate change like a political football demeans the science and solves nothing. /end_rant

    • god says:

      What country doesn’t count Greens as part of the Left?

      It’s been a century since US conservatives believed in conservation much less advocacy for the environment.

      • Mark says:

        Many of my friends are lefties, from self loathing liberals through to committed socialists, and I love them all. A frustrated love at times, as I get the sense of more importance in slagging off the conservatives than doing anything to further their so called beliefs. I get the sense of helplessness in the current political climate, but im sick to death of this endless cycle of recrimination and name calling. This is especially true when it comes to climate. The science often plays second fiddle to the politics, and the climate suffers as big ticket items like global warming are left to politician and greedy cronies on both sides seeking to fill their offshore accounts and buy that ivory back scratcher.

        Yes Greens are left, but in Australia they are the only party fighting for freedom of speech. The easing of middle class guilt is just an added bonus 🙂

  2. eideard says:

    Scientists make conservative statements. “Robust” is a goal scoring celebration. Sitting in the corner mumbling into your beer doesn’t move cowardly, anti-science, bible-thumping pols.

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